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[walkthrough]Forbidden Love - McHenry's Main Story

McHenry's Main Story 1 Walkthrough
(Every answer below will increase your love meter by 50)
(there are 2 answers for 1 episode/chapter)

-Story 1-
Many thanks to Riana, LettuceGarden and the2glams who helped me to do the walkthrough ^^
Episode 1
Don't surprise me like that!
Thank you
*Secret Story : 60 LP
Episode 2
Do you think i can?
Episode 3
you're so nice
Episode 4
Not at all
My brother
Episode 5
Why do you ask?
*Secret Story : 350 LP
Episode 6
I'll let it slide today
I can't..
Episode 7
... No, that's enough
(... How sad)
Episode 8

I don't know what to do
Ryan.. !
Episode 9

You're not angry with me?
But i really couldn't
Episode 10
... I would be so happy
Please don't make Ryan quit
*Secret Story : 800 LP
Episode 11
But i want to be with you
Did i do something wrong?
Episode 12
(Thank you)
I'm sorry
Episode 13
I'll cook for you whenever you want
(This is for Aimee too)
Episode 14
I can't put it into words
Whatever you want
Episode 15
...Is it good?
I feel the same way

Last updated 10 September
*anyway, please help us with the walkthrough, girls. ^^
*i will keep updating this walkthrough


  1. It's like in BMP and MSB, you must choose answer 2 times in 1 chapter. If i'm right, 1st when u reach scene 3 and the 2nd at scene 5. So in chapter 1 u'll get 100 LP if choose the right answer

    1. i see, thank you for the explanation Riana. :3
      sorry for the late update. ;_;

  2. Oh, I have something to contribute:

    1. Don't tease me like that
    1.1 Thank you
    Secret Story 60 LP

    @Riana, I think that may be the case too, there are two choices for one chapter!

  3. Edit: sorry @Riana I just realised you already submitted the answer for chapter one. In that case then, I'll submit the answers for chapter 2:

    2. ....
    Only one answer for this one actually....


  4. Chapter 3
    You’re so nice.

    Chapter 4
    Not at all.

    Secret Story
    Required: 350+ LOVE

    Chapter 6
    I’ll let it slide today. 

    Chapter 7
    …No, that’s enough.
    I wish I could cheer him up

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9
    But I really couldn’t…

    Chapter 10
    …I would be so happy
    Please don’t make Ryan quit!

    1. oh wow, you're so fast ! >w<
      thank you for the walkthrough.
      it means a lot for everyone who needs this. :)
      thank you so much.

  5. @the2glams Wow, you must be exited because you already have up to chapter 10 answers!I think I'll leave it to your hands then...

  6. darn, I wish I can edit post, btw @the2glams do you have chapter 5 answer, or is this ordered wrong? Just wondering...

  7. Replies
    1. it's okay, let's figure it out together :3
      i will ask my friend for help too ^^

    2. Okay then, the 50 answers 4 da following:
      8.1 I don't know what to do
      9.1 you're nit angry with me?

      Here are some:
      11.1 but I want to be with you
      11.2 did I do something wrong?
      12.1. (Thank you)

    3. thank you ! ^^~
      i just updated it. :D
      anyway, i replied your question.
      hope you saw it. :)

  8. Here are updates! Just finished this route, so I'll fill in the gaps then, yay!
    7.2 (I wish I could cheer him up)

    12.2 I'm sorry

    13.1 I'll cook for you whenever you want
    13.2 (This is for Aimee too)
    14.1 I can't put it into words
    14.2 Whatever you want
    15.1 ...Is it good?
    15.2 I feel the same way

    Sorry in advance again, if my wording isn't exactly correct. To be honest, I like Mr Henry, but I do not like the story, since, well, it's too darn short. The stupid answer 2 questions thing turned me off too >.>. And Mike... oh Mike... in his eyes, you are a weirdo XD.

    1. wow, you're too fast ! >w<
      hahaha. :3
      thank you so much anyway !

      i don't mind, i will ask my friend to correct it later. :3
      ah yes, is it end in episode 15?
      wow, it's the shortest main story.. O_O
      lol, why?
      is there any problem with the 2 questions in 1 chapter?
      really?? O_O
      kekeke~ so Mike is totally different in Henry's route?

  9. Hiiii! I have to say something....

    The answer 2 of the chapter 7:

    7.2 (I wish I could cheer him up)

    only gives 30 points....I chose that option before. I don't want that others choose it ^w^
    And thanks for the walkthrough!! you saved my life TwT

    1. Whoops sorry, I must have written the wrong answer then XD. That's what happens when you write in the dark lol.

      @Azusa, well he is more of a jealous jerk and well, Ryan actually picked it up his love for his sister lol- he assumes that they're blood related siblings XD.

    2. hello Kotonei ^^
      thank you for the correction. >w<
      thanks our gals here because they do the walkthrough. :3

      @lettuceGarden: ahahahaha. :3 well".. he looks like having a sister complex for Henry. XD

  10. Episode 7 missing answer is
    ( sad)

    I think that's how it's worded.

    1. thank you so much the2glams ^^~
      it's okay, everyone get the meaning of the answer. :3
      i will update the correct wording later. <3
      thank you so much. <3

  11. Azusa!! Hi again! Don't know if I can put this here, but :3 I'm too happy for this and can't wait more so... here it goes~~!
    Hey~!! I have BIG BIG news! well, maybe you already know but I want to share it anyway :3
    Today I received a mail from m&a online and they said in October we'll have a new character~ (by the picture I could tell he's handsome and so mysterious)!!
    OMG! I'm so excited, can't wait, can't wait >w<
    See u later, hugs hugs!!

    1. He is suppose to be the brother of mike.

    2. hello Yuu ! XD
      ah yes~ XD
      i also got the news !
      i posted it yesterday >w<
      i'm also very excited XD~
      the2glams is right, he's Mike's younger brother. :3
      can't wait for the new character. XD
      see you later Yuu ! *hugs*

  12. Yuu: Hi hi the2glams :)!
    OMG really??? I always thought that Dave had only one son! O_O

    1. hehe..
      unfortunately not, :)
      Mike has younger brother who leave home.
      and in his story, he will come back to the house for revenge. :3

  13. AWWW I totally love Ryan >__< .... When he bluses I melt away XD....MC Is so lucky I hate her XDD (joking) Her boss is SO HOT.... My bosses are always horrible olds Gezzers....or stupid married mans ¬¬U... trying to look cool XP.... WELL at least SHE is lucky ;), and we can share her happiness. I want so much to see the 2nd Story with Ryan ° (>__<) ° I CAN´T BELIEVE I AM THE ONLY ONE INTERESTED???....AM I ??? TT__TT,,,, come on girls tell me we can convince them together to give then another chance to my Ryan ♥ ....

    1. aahahaha. XDD~ this kind of boss only happens in a story. XDD~
      in real life, most of all boss are not this cool (but actually i met some which is really kind & cool)
      hahahahah. XDDD~
      yes, every MC in otome game are lucky. >w<
      can date with every hot guys. =____= i envy too. XD lol

      don't worry, XD i bet there're lots of gals out there feel the same like you <3 hihi. :3
      let's wait for his 2nd route out patiently. XD (if they're planning to release it) >w<
      you can try to email them actually & ask them if they're planning to release 2nd story for Ryan. :3


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