Friday, 27 September 2013

[update]NTT Solmare release My Sweet Prince in FREE version!

Android : My Sweet Prince+
I think now NTT Solmare is focusing their game into GREE system..
(this game is not published by GREE anyway)
no wonder why.. =____=
anyway, i haven't try My Sweet Prince the paid version.
is the story same? ._.

please use my invite ID,
so both of us will get items. :3
thanks in advance. XD

happy playing gals !


  1. Hi there Azusa chan!^^ im having trouble choosing wich prince I wanna follow.. I wanted Alvah for myfirst but hes not out yet TxT so I have to pick another one.. I'm between Lambert and Chezem.. Ugh!! >×< I just dont know!!
    Azusa chan wich one did u pick? Any recommendations? Thanks a bunch^w^ ♥

    1. hello Miaru-chan! ^^~ hihi~
      ahaha. XD~ it's so hard to choose one between two. XD~
      i pick Chezem ♥ hehe~
      actually i haven't play this game Miaru-chan,
      i was planning to play, but i was hesitate to purchase the non-gree version.
      but i think most people will pick Lambert..
      he's quite tough character i guess. >w<
      Chezem is just cute, hahaha. XD~
      so, if you want to have leader & serious partner, go with Lambert, because he's the first son if i'm not wrong.
      if you want to have careless partner, go with Chezem, because he looks like doesn't really care about throne. :3
      you're most welcome Miaru-chan! ♥

    2. Hey, Azu, I played the non-Gree version of this game, at it was fine. Chezem is well, the shy type :3, too cute, hmm...I just wanted to correct that Chezem, well, doesn't care for the throne, but in contrary to his appearance, he is well, cute more than careless- no offence :D. I also played the shota guy- Nagit, aww, cute too (I like my shot boys too hehe). Well, you guys have fun playing then.

    3. hello thelettucegarden04 ^^~
      i agree that Chezem is so cute, XD~
      oops, thank you for the correction, >w<
      i just start playing Chezem route, so i don't really know his personality well. XDD~
      so, overall the story all nice?
      i wonder if i should buy the non-GREE version, ._.
      anyway, how much the price for the extra characters? >w<
      you too! happy playing ♥


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