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[AskAzu]theLettuceGarden04 : Destiny Ninja's Invite Gifts

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Hello theLettuceGarden04 ^^~
i don't mind, hehe :)
you can bother me anytime, but please understand if i reply late. >.<

ah yes, you will get outfits for partner and stuffs if you invited 5 friends.
but the outfits is not included Benkei & Goyo.
i don't know why, but the developer stated that exclude Benkei & Goyo.
maybe because those 2 have different story from the rest.
it's like, during Goyo & Benkei's story, only both of them appear as Yoshitsune's ninja.
but if you play Hyosuke's route, Enya and the rest will appear as Yoshitsune's ninja, (exclude Benkei & Goyo)
kekeke~ i'm not saying you're a stalker. lol
but yes, i finished Goyo's route use Zeni for the friendship mission. :D
i collected Zeni from daily login. :)

here's my ID : JLRbuVVqRc
but i should tell you that i don't play DN anymore. >w<
but still, feel free to add me.
perhaps one day i will open it & continue playing it. :3
but actually i still open it to play the spin-off story. >w<
see you around 


  1. Ooh, I saw your lovely fast-paced response last night on my ipod, so yay, thank you very much.

    I thought that was the case, that's sad they don't give us Goyo & Benkei's free stuff, I'm too stingy to spend lol. Anyhow, if you don't already know, there is an even called Newly-Wed challenges that has Hyousuke, Enya, Hyuga & Hatori- why no Mizuki & the rest T.T It's free to enter and quite smutty if you choose the Juicy ending (I have yet to know what the Brilliant ending is)- which is a good thing for a perv like me hoho. Oh, I played Hyosuke of course, I don't like the sound of the other dudes.

    Well, thanks again and happy playing some other otome games :D

    1. you're most welcome <3

      hahaha, i know right.
      maybe they purposely do so, so that force us to either use coins or wait until collect all the Zeni. >w<
      ah yes, i know it. >w<
      i tried Hyosuke's route, but no time to play.
      so i just leave it. ;_;
      lol, exactly what i think, why no Mizuki and the rest. XD~
      really? the story is smutty?
      but i guess Ninja Love is more smutty. XD~
      ahahah. XD~ why not try hyuga or hatori? XD~

      you too ! :3 happy playing and see you around <3


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