Monday, 16 September 2013

[AskAzu]Hanli : There's no way to hack the lovepasses..

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Answer :
Hello Hanli.
there's no way to hack love passes either it's for Forbidden Love, Voltage's GREE games or NTT Solmare's GREE games.
in fact, i don't think i want to know if there's a way to hack it. :)
and i won't share it in this blog.
sorry, but i appreciate and respect their hard works.
they already make it as FREE game,
although you need to wait many days to play it.
but it's the consequence.
so please don't kill their market.
sorry if my answer is a bit annoying,
but i know the hardship they've been through for making the game.
if you're asking some tips for to play those game,
i will gladly share it with you ^^~

with love,


  1. I know what you mean Azun~
    And I can totally understand them I mean..most Otome so far are either japanese with no chance of translation or cost way to much.
    So making it free/gree for us is pretty much the best we can ask for.
    We shouldn't be to greedy.
    Ans by the way...if there would be no limitation we would play one game though in only a day (for me only a few hours ehehe e_e)...and then it would become boring real soon.

    The ppl who make such games are trying their best to keep us entertained with their games (like special stories; events etc etc) until they can make new ones and believe me such games aren't done in a months work xD

    But I can understand hanli as well.
    I can't wait to cling to my Glenn >//////<

    1. yes Tamara-san.
      i understand Hanli as well because i'm also playing without using money.
      we're in the same boat actually. :)
      i also understand the urge feeling to finish the story. :)
      but this is what we can get the best.
      i'm already grateful that they're willing to translate it to english.
      hahaha, yes. for some people, they like to have some mission or quest to do to achieve what they want. :3
      and these free games are the best option for them ^^~

      yes, these game won't be done in just a month.
      there are lots of underground works that we might doesn't know.
      thank you for your understanding *hugs*
      good night ! :)

  2. Haha sorry being disturb ur cnversation..but both of game was awesome!really enjoyed it but just need some patience.. Actually^.~

    1. hello Anon ^^~
      hehe yes, i agree.
      the games are awesome. :3

  3. then dont put the title as 'a way to hack..
    stupid attention seeker bitch

    1. hello anon ^^~
      so sorry to let your hope down. :)
      God bless you dear.

    2. and also thank you for letting me know. :)
      i will change it ASAP.


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