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[AskAzu]LettuceGarden04 : Mobile Otome Games Recommendation

Question :

Answer :
Hello LettuceGarden04 ! >w<
it's great to see you again. :3
anyway, i'm not even close to otome oracle >\\\\\<
i'm just an ordinary person.. nothing much, nothing less. >w<

Soo, you want to recommendation of otome game in device right?
do you prefer the free one or paid game is okay for you?
if paid is okay,
here are my suggestion :
Shall We Date : Konkatsu
the character that i think is close to what you're referring is Nakaba Kasumi.

he's shy, clumsy but very kind.
here is my review about him & walkthrough : Kasumi
(please skip the walkthrough if you want)

Shall We Date : Ninja Love
Musashi is kind, warm & a pure, sometimes he's childish but sometimes he's mature. :3
Sasuke is a bit like Sora, he's cheerful, full of energy and a bit clumsy.
but Sora has better personality i guess, lol. >w<
anyway, you can play Ninja Love GREE version.

Shall We Date : Destiny Ninja

Hyosuke also a type likes Sora.
he's cheerful and cute. but he has more deep personality. :)

Pirates In Love (Non-GREE)

Thomas perhaps is one of character that you're searching for. :3
he's not as cheerful as Sora, but he's full of energy too !
he's shy, kind and bright.

Be My Princess (Non-GREE)
Glenn is a bit tsundere but he's really kind.
he's in progress to become mature although he's still like a kid. :3
if you are really don't like BMP, just skip this suggestion. >w<

Seduced In The Sleepless City (Non-GREE)

Mirai is my favorite among all. :3
he's cheerful, playful, easy-going and kind.
but he's different from Sora.
i think he's more like Johannes type(?)
sometimes he's such a teaser, but he has cute side too. :)
but Mirai is also very mysterious and dependable.

My Forged Wedding (Non-GREE)

if you're searching a type of guy which is really kind (tremendously kind)
i would suggest you to play Yuta's route.
he's really a nice guys, he's cheerful & very kind. :)
he's the most considerate person among all (i guess)

and Takao also very kind.
i think he gives a same feeling like Tatsuro (detective from LLFTX).
it's like they will protect the MC, i guess it's like brother.
he's also mature & husband material. :3

and i guess Always Remember Me also available in smartphone. is it right?
i played it long time ago(PC version), and i totally forget what's the game about. ;_;
i also haven't try Shall We Date: My Sweet Princes & Actor.
and i'm not playing Office Secret & In Your Arms Tonight by voltage
perhaps someone could help me give you a suggestion of those game :3
i'm planning to try East Tower.  (i haven't buy it though..)
i will tell you later ^^~
i hope my answer is helping..
and if you want to know what's Mirai & Yuta's personality.
check on my youtube channel : asanoazusa
i upload their story. :)
if you think they're what you're searching for, perhaps you could purchase the game ^^

P.S : gals, please help me to give more recommendation for LettuceGarden04 


  1. For Office Secrets the only one I could think that maybe to your liking would be Koji Nagumo because he's the type of guy your parents would want for you because he's sweet and sincere to you ^^

    For In your arms tonight..I would suggest Shohei Aiba especially his Another story. This guy is really sweet! Another character I can suggest is Soji Higashiyama. His route has so many feels! He's one of my most favorite characters in Voltage. These 2 guys have one in common but I don't want to spoil for you so I highly suggest you play their route!

    I almost forgot to add...You should also try Chezem from Shall we Date: My sweet Prince. He's the type to be quiet, reserve, and shy ^_^

    Hope this helps! :)

    1. hello anon ^^~
      thank you very much for the recommendation :3
      i'm sure this is very helpful ! ^^~
      see you around. :)

  2. I love you all! Just what I need to spend and invest on hot bishies of otmome games, wohoo! Well, I can't wait to try them all.

    I tried the Konkatsu one, and yes, that guy is such a sweetie, that's why I made this request, my only downside is the darn heroine. In fact, I drop many mangas and otome games alike because of the bland and shallow personalities of the MC. Gosh, is it too much to ask to have a kick-ass heroine like Chris in Second Reproduction? Or even even a female counterpart of Sora as the Mc? If you do happen to know any kick-ass heroine in otome games, PC or mobile, please tell me too guys, thanks.

    And oh, have anyone tried Dandelion Wishes Bought To You (PC-paid)? I like the Mc there too. Sure she's on the weaker side, but to me she is very human. The bishies are also awesome and it's fully voiced in Korean. I UBER recommend that game, noew that's what I call a great otome game.

    1. ahahaha, >w< we love you too ! :3
      i agree. lots of otome games or female-heroin doesn't have strong personality like Chris from Second Reproduction.
      especially Voltage's MC, i think most of voltage's MC is such a weakling type of girl..
      i love Chris so much for her personality. :3
      hmmm.. have you try Area-X ?
      their MC also such a bad-ass, lol. :3
      so far she's also has strong personality.
      Cherry Tree High also has funny MC, but it's not an otome game. :3
      it's visual novel, ^^~
      Get Dumped visual novel's MC also is a naughty type. >w<
      Solmare's MC also has a better personality than voltage's.
      i don't know about In Your Arms Tonight though..
      someone said the MC is different. :)

      i haven't try the full version,
      i tried the demo version. :3
      is it really worth to play that?
      perhaps i should consider Dandelion..

  3. If you want a bad-ass MC you should try 1931 scheherazade at the library of pergamum (or scheherazade for short xD). It's like Indiana Jones/tomb raider visual novel game. Be prepared for a LOT of text though since it also focuses on some histories too. The MC's name is Sadie and she's really smart, sassy, and has some interesting weaknesses xD Aside from pursuing 6 guys (which includes pursuing a mummy), if you like adventures and going to different countries..I think you would love this game ^^

    You can also go for Sweet Fuse. I know some people are not fan of the art but the MC here is really awesome and the storyline is great :)

    Also for In your arms Tonight. I think what makes the MC different here from the other Voltage MC's....aside from having a mature and serious story, She's strong in the sense that even if she is devastated that her husband has another woman she doesn't let that affect her work but strives to be even more better. She really grows as a person as the story progress. It would be too much of a spoiler if I say more things but I could say that the MC here is not your typical damsel in distress ^_^

    1. Ooh, thanks Anon, it gives me even more motivation to try In Your Arms tonight. I want to buy the Sweet Fuse, but I have to get a playstation card yet so I can download it to my Vita (I don't own a PSP, so I can play Persona 4 Golden :D). So Scheherazade has a cool heroine huh? Well I'll try that too thx. Now, I got so much to write on my list...

      @Azusa what is exactly Solmare??? And yes, you should get Dandelion, but she not what I would call "strong and kickass". She is does however, gets character development, with the help of your chosen dude (esp the canon Jisoo). I just love the game, because it is deep and well, it made me cry okay~ ;).

    2. solmare = NTT solmare, the developer of Shall We Date Series. :)
      sorry for the lack information. :(
      ahahaha, thank you for the recommendation.
      i will consider it ^^

    3. I just finished Pirates in Love Thomas route, and darn it was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing and at the same time feel embarrassed for the Mc and Thomas lol. So I thank you for that recc :D.

      I started playing Hyousuke's route in Shall We Date Destiny ninja, it's great so far. I just want to ask, do you HAVE to play with money at some stage, I never really played Solmare games before.

      I also wanna add another great otome game, which I think everyone else has already known: Hatoful Boyfriend. The Mc on this one is HILARIOUS, kinda insane how she's the only girl in an all-bird school (lame pun intended). I highly recommend this one too, worth the money- only 4 bucks approx and did I mention, HILARIOUS.

    4. i'm glad that you like Thomas' story ^^~

      hmmm, actually no.
      you don't need to play use real money to finish the story.
      but sometimes there's a mission that needs to be pass,
      and if you don't have enough item, you can't pass that mission.
      but still there's a way to pass it without use money.
      although mostly Solmare games are waaayyy to expensive.

      ah yes, i heard it before.
      i don't really get what is the story about actually.. @.@
      is it about a girl in love with a bird?

    5. I guess, I'm only playing one of these games, not Gree stuff anymore, so I don't have to waste too much time. That's why I don't like Gree anymore, too much of a hassle to get through missions and greetings and crap, but since Hyousuke is my type, I'll bear the pain :P.

      Hatoful Boyfriend: It's a wacko story of how a girl lives like a bird??? I haven't played too much yet, but it's bugging me how the girl wants to be in a bird school and live like "hunter-gatherers" XD. In love with a bird??? That's crazy, but to be honest, I don't read it for romance, but to take my brain out of my head and just go with the flow :D

      Still, insanity aside, I have got Sweet Fuse psp game, and I'm soo pumped to try it out and Schezande-something game too. Anon have recommended me those, so I'm pretty sure I'll like it. Speaking of excitement, the 5th and Johannes 2nd story is out and I got my bunch of CDs I ordered arrived today! I have such a happy day today lol I hope to share it to all of you~

      Btw, not to dismiss your reccs, so I have tried out the following so far:
      -Shall We Date? Konkatsu -Kazumi (forgot to add that I already finished him before making this request)
      -Pirates in Love -Thomas
      -Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja -Hyousuke
      -BMP -Glen (yes, I already went through his route before making this request, but sadly I like him, but it wasn't what I'm looking for)
      I have so much on my plate, I will the the others eventually, but I'm not getting there yet... idk so many games, too little time.

    6. ahaha, i see. :)
      actually yes, GREE system is more troublesome because there're lots of things that we need to pass.
      but, this system is good for anyone who want to play the game for free.
      actually i pretty like GREE system, because it needs lots of effort to play this game (without real money) although sometimes it's a turn off for me to play. :)
      and i do really appreciate people who makes effort and take their time to play GREE games. :)
      in the end, all you need is patient. :)
      then, happy adventuring with Hyosuke ^^

      so it's about a girl who lives like a bird?
      then she's in love with bird..? ._.
      i'm so sorry i really have no idea how to respond this.
      but it sounds interesting. XD
      it's somehow kind of like Dandelion. >w<
      i think i need to play Hatoful Boyfriend to open my mind. XD
      thank you for the information anyway. :3

      oh yes, i heard about Sweet Fuse before.
      i remembered it is a new aksys game.
      personally, i'm a big fan of aksys game.
      but i haven't try this one. :3
      i even haven't finish play Hakuouki. ;____;
      i don't have enough time to play.
      ah yes ! today it the release day. :3
      i'm also happy to hear that ^^~

      yes. :3
      just play it slowly, you still have lots of time to play on next day. >w<
      i will add more recommendation when i find one. :3
      anyway, have you tried play YoJinBo?

    7. No I have not played YoJinBo. Is it any good? I am busy playing plenty of otome games, kinda like you :D, esp Kiss of Revenge, it sounds pretty cool.

    8. hmmm, the character design.. well, not as good and appealing as Voltage's games.
      but the story & character personality is nice. :3
      especially the 2nd MC, her personality is rocks ! XD
      and the story also funny. :3
      i can't stop laughing while playing the game. XD

      yes, just too much game but too little time. ;_;
      Kiss of Revenge's story is just so heart-breaking.
      anyway, happy playing ! :)

      P.S : sorry for the very late reply. i'm very busy. :(


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