Wednesday, 4 September 2013

[update]Ryan McHenry's route release ! (Forbidden Love)

Good news gals !
Remember McHenry?
the gentle guy who has blonde color hair.
(i'm not talking about Willfred, okay? XD)
here is he !

and his route is just out by today !
there are lots of route that need to be played. ;_;
i'm so sad that i even haven't finish play all route and now McHenry already out. ;_;
maybe i'm too slow..
so, McHenry basically is MC's manager on place where MC works.
so the story is about forbidden love with the manager(?)
yeah, it's kind of like that.. >w<

so, what're you waiting for?
play his route <3

P.S : thanks for your message Ryvallen, :3
i got it and this is the post about McHenry's route.


  1. Hi...Azusa.... it's been a long time.
    How are you? i can play new route after nothing i could do since finished Johannes story.
    I think McHenry is more mature than the others :3

    Here some info about his route :
    Chapter 1 :
    Don't surprise me like that! (50 LP)
    Thank you (50 LP)

    1. ah...i forget to add a secret story after Chapter 1 that need 60 LP

    2. hello Riana !
      long time no see !
      i'm fine ^^
      how about you?
      i hope you're fine there ^^~

      actually i have to say i'm sorry because i just see your comment by today. ;_;
      i didn't reply your comment for a long time. ;_;
      i'm so sorry about that.

      oh wow, have you finish Robert's route? ._.
      yeeesss, i'm looking forward of his route. :3

      thank you so much Riana ;_;
      after the heart-breaking thing that i did to you (about not replying your comment)
      you still want to help me though..
      i'm really really glad. ;_;
      love you ♥
      i will make a post for McHenry walkthrough. ;)

    3. eh, i just realize, 1 chapter have 2 answers ? ._.

    4. No problem..... i though you were busy.... :D

      No, i haven't finished Robert's story yet. but my other smartphone do nothing, so i used it to pay McHenry

      Yeah, 1 chapter have 2 answers

    5. thank you for understanding Riana. :)
      actually yes, i'm quite busy. ;_;

      lol, lucky. :3
      i hope i also have 2 device to play. ;_;
      okay then. >w<

  2. glad to be some help.

    i love the walk-through, save me a lot of coins and time :p

    1. you're so kind ^^
      yes :3
      it's the gals' works :3

  3. Huuwaaa...... T^T

    I really hate it. They just have announced that Mike 5th story and Johannes 2nd story will be realeased 11st Sept..... Why..!! i've just play McHenry story n my Robert story haven't finished yet =w=

    How do you think Azusa?

    1. yes, i saw the announcement this morning !
      i was so shock too ! and sad of course.. ;_;
      it's okay Riana. :3
      just play those both story until finish. :3
      i'm also in the middle of Mike's story. =____=
      should i just restart it later when Johannes 2nd story out?

      now i hate M&A for the update.. lol..


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