Monday, 23 September 2013

[update]Angels & Demons is out ! (Ios user only)

here's another otome game that just release the english version for Ios. :3

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

it's not faiiiirrr~
please release it in android. >.<
i anticipate this much. >w<
but i'm happy that more and more otome game translated to english. XD~
here's Ios link : 2/2 A&D

anyway, i heard that you can touch him. kekeke~
so this game has same system with Tokimeki?
nice, XD

Happy Playing Gals !


  1. No!! They need to make it for android! D": //cries

    1. i know right!! T_T
      hopefully they will release android version soon~

  2. Oh its from Libre! I guess Libre is like the English Stepmother for all the Bishounen Art, Manga, ...
    And thats another thing why i cant stand Apple...


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