Wednesday, 5 February 2014

[update]Starstruck Love is out! (Arithmetic)

recently Arithmetic release new game called Starstruck Love

Starstruck Love 【Dating sim】 - screenshot
In this game, the story started with MC lost her parent,
then she moved to a house owned by his father's friend.
There, she met with her step-brothers who're pop stars.
and to repay her debt (since his father's friend let her stay in his house and take care of her),
she wanted to debut as a singer too, to pay-back i guess.
so here goes the story about MC and his pop stars brothers. 

the brothers :
Starstruck Love 【Dating sim】 - screenshot

Arithmetic use different system for this game.
hmm.. what i meant is, they put 2 available characters in 1 story.
Shion & Toma in same route, and Ryo & Ryusei in another route.
so, you can pick either Shion/Toma or Ryo/Ryusei in their story.

and for the options, i realize that it's also different from the other game. :3
for example if you choose Shion/Toma route. 
1 choice will add point to Shion, 
1 choice will add point to Toma 
and another one won't add any point. 
(sorry i was wrong, see description in the walkthrough post. :3 hehe~)

hehe~ i like this, :3 this is interesting. XD~
and i'm playing Shion/Toma route, :3
but i can't decide which one should i choose. >.<
should i pick Shion? or Toma?

anyway, get 100 Platinum by using my Invite ID
and add me as friend :

Happy Playing gals~ :3


  1. Tomaaaaaaa ♥
    Too bad we can't invite friends for platinum.

    1. ahaha, XD ikr!
      seems everybody is targeting Toma, XD lol.
      yeah. :(

  2. Tomaaa....... >.<
    there are so much otome games, my gnote is full of it. i must buy a sd card.... XD
    i want to add you to my friend list Azusa, can't i?

    1. ahaha, XD~ yeess! :3 me too! XD~
      yeah. =____=, too much game and too little time. :(
      go buy one, :3 hihi~, but not every game can be moved to sd card though. >.<
      most otome game isn't movable. :(
      sure, hihi~ my username is Azusa~
      make sure to add '~' symbol. ( i purposely add it, hehe)

  3. Toooooomaaaaaa *_____* I really love it!!

    1. ahaha, XDD why does everyone seems only take an interest in Toma? XD~

  4. I'm playing Ryo or Ryusei route~
    Ryo is kinda sadistic >< First of all I think I like Ryusei [he's so kind anyway (´,,・ω・,,`)] but when I searched about this route in the internet most of them prefer Ryo D:
    So confused~

    _(:'3 ˩ ∟)_

    1. hahaha, yes!
      Ryo appeared in Shion/Toma's route.
      and he's very.. sadistic.. i agreed. lol.
      he's kinda troublesome. XD~
      because most girls prefer bad boy than nice one. XD~


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