Monday, 17 February 2014

[random]It's been a year

It's been a year this blog started.
I was so amazed that lots of people visit this random blog, really.
At first, this blog started because of a boredom.
i was playing some visual novel/otome games, then i thought that it'll be nice to share the joy of it to others.
but actually not only that, i also thought that i might get to know with friends who have same interest.
i'm so happy that i get to know you gals here. :)

also, i'm so sorry for the late reply & updates.
i'm trying my best to spend more time in this blog. :)
i hope i'll have more free time to reply your comments and message.
but don't worry gals, i definitely will reply
thank you gals for some suggestion for the blog. :)

but really,
thank you gals for your support & love.
it's really nice to meet you!
love you gals!

announcement for ongoing walkthough/update :
anyway gals, i got problem with my tab.
it won't connect to wi-fi, so i can't proceed the game & update the walkthrough. T___T
this happens several times, so i'm still thinking whether i should fix it (again) or get the new one.
i'm so sorry gals, once it's settled i'll continue with the walkthrough.
at the moment these walkthrough & update is on hold :
Shion or Toma's walkthrough (StarStruck Love)
Kaito's walkthrough (Sweet Scandal)
Anri's walkthrough (Office Lover)
Valentine Event [update] (BMP for GREE)
Valentine Event [CG] (BMP for GREE)

thank you for your understanding and patience.


  1. Wow I can't believe it's been a year! Please keep up the great work and it's always fun to read one of your newest posts. I check this blog out daily :D

    1. yeah! i can't believe it too!. >.<
      thank you so much for your help & love <3
      aww~ it makes me happy. :3 hehe~
      see you around dear! <3
      please take care of me in the future, kekeke. :3

  2. it's your anniversary. Congratz.... \^ ^/
    like The2glams, i also check your blog out daily. It's you who made me loved otome games and their 2D boys ;)
    It's always fun to read your blog and know a lot of new friends. thanks for your hard work and keep it up.
    Love you too, Azusa >.<

    1. thank you dear Riana <3
      aww~ you already love them from the start, you just haven't realize yet. >.<
      thanks for your hardwork too dear! <3
      and thank you for your support and love <3 >////<
      please take care of me like always <3


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