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[walkthrough]Edward's Main Story (It's Our Secret)

Edward's Main Story 1 Walkthrough
Highest Point: 20 Middle: 10 Lowest:5
Answer that i bold and underline give highest point


Special Thanks

-Chapter 1-
Scene 1
What was dad thinking?
I must be dreaming?
This must be a joke
Scene 6
That doesn't sound too bad
No way!
Men in this family..
Scene 7
Don't run away
Can't you take me there?
Don't be late
Scene 11
I'm glad you came
I was scared..
If you had taken me to the wedding site..
Scene 12
Don't worry. it's nothing
It hurts a bit
Of course it still hurts!

-Chapter 2-
Scene 2
were some crazy woman
I didn't think there was any woman good enough for you
You were married
Scene 5
What are you up to?
Thank you
Do you know about fashion?
Scene 6
Yes, sir. Mr President
You have no right to it
I'm not sure
Scene 10
You think I stole someone's work
Don't look at me like that
Believe me
Scene 15
Don't say that
I'll get it back
Because of Edward

-Chapter 3-
Scene 3
Shut up and hold me
Thank you
Don't preach me now
Scene 5
Can you rely on your hunch?
No evidence?
You sound so confident
Scene 8
It's not your business
You're sexually harassing me
Scene 12
Stay out of it!
This is my company!
I understand how she feels
Scene 14
I will leave it to Edward
No, I don't do it!
That's what we are here for

-Chapter 4-
Scene 3
Are you into that kind of stuff?
I won't go anywhere
Scene 8
Please don't go
yes, she surely is full of confidence
 you're so unfaithful
Scene 10
That's lie!
a couple million dollars of debt?
she must have had a reason
Scene 11
It must be hard for you
Poor you
I'll heal your wounds
Scene 15
I just have to play the role of your wife
No one offends me more than you do
What if i can't stand him?

-Chapter 5-
Scene 3
I don't do anything
.. that's fine
are you taking this woman's side?
Scene 7
don't hurt me!
help, Edward!
this is no fun at all
Scene 9
you don't own me
thanks for coming home
kiss me again
Scene 13
(only for one year)
you hear him, leave him alone
(i'm so happy)
Scene 15
i just got carried away
tell me the same thing
i don't make it up

-Chapter 6-
Scene 2
why don't you send Kevin?
I will help you
do you want to get really sick?
Scene 5
you must show that you care
like what?
what do you need?
Scene 7
why are you so hysterical?
calm down, please
what don't you like about it?
Scene 12
did you have a sad dream?
i brought you clean clothes
i'm just trying to do my wifely duty
Scene 14
do you have father complex?
..I'm sorry
you must have been lonely

-Chapter 7-
Scene 3
it hurts me too
it's nothing, compared to what she went through
... sorry
Scene 5
It's not big deal
hope you can get back to work soon
why don't you ask Kevin too?
Scene 6
it's tough love
.. sorry
what are you talking about?
Scene 7
it's just one year
i don't know if i can
i'll do it

Last updated 10 March 2014
*i will keep updating this walkthrough


  1. Chapter 1
    Scene 11 :
    I'm glad you came (+20)
    I was scared...
    If you had taken me to the wedding site...

    Scene 12
    Don't worry. It's nothing
    It hurts a bit... (+20)
    Of course it still hurts!

    Chapter 2
    Scene 2
    Were some crazy woman
    I didn't think there was any woman good enough for you
    You were married (+20)

    Scene 5
    What are you up to?
    Thank you (+20)
    Do you know about fashion?

    Scene 6
    Yes, sir. Mr President. (+20)
    You have no right to it
    I'm not sure

    I used all of my recovery tickets reward, because the story made me curious XD
    i'm quite dislike Kevin. He's really the bad guy. He's like Amelia at Mike's 1st story =_=

    why don't accela provide album fiture like in Forbidden Love, so i can't re-read the story :(

    1. You can re-read :3 go "my page", menu (down) there you'll find the album

    2. @Riana :
      eh? you get recovery ticket reward? O_O
      how come? >.< i want too. >.<
      hahaha, ikr! =___= i just want to punch him in the face..
      same goes to Amelia. lol.

      @Seiji :
      thank you for telling us :3

    3. @Riana:
      ah! anyway thank you so much for the walkthrough <3 hehe~

    4. @Seiji :
      Ah...yes, i saw it. Thank you for the info XD

      @Azusa :
      didn't you got it Azusa? I got 2 recovery ticket reward. I'm not sure how. after i used your ID and registered my email, then there's a notification that i have 2 recovery ticket for new game rewards. :D
      about Kevin, i'm not sure want to play his route after know about his acts at Edward's route :(

    5. really? i don't think i got it.. T____T
      hahaha, never mind. >.<
      maybe i'm just unlucky. T____T
      hahaha, i'm sure he'll be really different in his own route.XDD~
      they're releasing Kevin's route soon, Riana~

  2. Chapter 2
    Scene 10
    1. You think I stole someone's work.
    2. Don't look at me like that.
    3. Believe me. (20)

    Scena 15
    1. Don't say that.
    2. I'll get it back. (20)
    3. Because of Edward...

  3. Chapter 3

    Scene 3
    1. Shut up and hold me.
    2. Thank you... (20)
    3. Don't preach to me now.

    Scene 5
    1. Can you rely on your hunch?
    2. No evidence?
    3. You sound so confident. (20)

    Scene 8.
    1. It's not your business.
    2. You're sexually harassing me.
    3. Why? (20)

    Scene 12
    1. Stay out of it!
    2. This is my company! (20)
    3. I understand how she feels.

    Scena 14
    1. (I will leave it to Edward.) (20)
    2. No, I don't do it!
    3. That's what we are here for?

    Secret story (love meter 100+)

    1. thank you so much Seiji ^^~
      wow, you got all the answer right.. O_O
      how do you manage to get all right? >.<

  4. chapter 4
    scene 3
    i wouldn't go anywhere

  5. Chapter 4

    Scene 3
    1. Are you into that kind of stuff?
    2. Pervert!
    3. I won't go anywhere. (20)

    Scene 8.
    1. Please don't go.
    2. Yes, she surely is full of confidence. (20)
    3. You're so unfaithful!

    Scene 10.
    1. That's lie! (20)
    2. A couple million dolars of debt?
    3. She must have had a reason.

    Scene 11.
    1. It must have hard for you.
    2. Poor you. (20)
    3. I'll heal your wonds.

    Scene 15.
    1. I just have to play the role of your wife (20)
    2. No one offends me more than you do.
    3. What if I can't stand him?

    Chapter 5.

    Scene 2
    1. I don't do anything.
    2. ...that's fine (20)
    3. Are you taking this woman's side?

    Scene 7
    1. Don't hurt me!
    2. Help, Edward! (20)
    3. This is no fun at all!

    Scene 9
    1. You don't own me.
    2. Thanks for coming home. (20)
    3. Kiss me again.

    Scene 13
    1. (Only for one year.)
    2. You hear him. Leave him alone!
    3. (I'm so happy...) (20)

    Scene 15
    1. I just got carried away...
    2. Tell me the same thing.
    3. I don't make it up. (20)

    Chapter 6

    Scene 2
    1. Why don't you send Kevin?
    2. I will help you. (20)
    3. Do you want to get really sick?

    Scene 5
    1. You must show that you care. (20)
    2. Like what?
    3. What do you need?

    Scene 7
    1. Why are you so hysterical?
    2. Calm down, please.
    3. What don't you like about it? (20)

    Scene 12.
    1. Did you have a sad dream?
    2. I brought you clean clothes. (20)
    3. I'm just trying to do my wifely duties.

    Scene 14
    1. Do you have a father complex?
    2. ... I'm sorry. (20)
    3. You must have been lonely.

    1. thank you very much for the walkthrough Seiji-san ^^~
      sorry i took so long to update it. :(

    2. Don't worry :3 I'm glad to help ♡

  6. Shoot, have to write my comment again as I was logged in my uni email XD. Anyhow, isn't anyone disappointed for the lack of creativity with the story for this one? Seriously, another FL story, even the main guy has the hate for gold diggers thing. Well, from the first chapter, it seems the heroine isn't as stupid as FL.

    Anyhow, good work guys for the walkthrough~

    1. hahaha. XDDD~
      don't worry. :3 nobody knows it except me. XDDD~
      yeah. i'm kinda disappointed with the story-line. =___=
      but i'm still looking forward to the end, hehe.
      i hope the story will be different. :3

      thanks dear! <3

  7. chapter 1 scene 12
    it hurts a bit

    1. thanks anon!
      sorry i forgot to bold it. >.<

  8. Chapter 7 Scene 3
    1. It hurts me, too.
    2. It's nothing, compared to what she went through. (20)
    3. ... Sorry

    Hi! I really like this game so I thought I'd help provide answers for the walkthrough as I progress in the game :D


    1. hello Tiffany! ^^~
      thank you so much for sharing. :)
      i just updated the walkthrough.
      happy playing and have a nice day. :)

  9. Chapter 7
    Scene 5 :
    It's no big deal.
    Hope you can get back to work soon. (+20)
    Why don't you ask Kevin, too?

    Scene 6
    It's tough love.
    ...Sorry. (+20)
    What are you talking about?

    Scene 7 :
    It's just one year.
    I don't know if I can...
    I'll do it. (+20)

    1. thank you so much riana!
      i just updated it. :)
      i'm feeling left out here. T_____T
      why are you guys so fast? T_____T

  10. Chapter 7 Scene 14
    If you say so it must be true (+20)

    1. Chapter 8 Scene 2
      - What's wrong Edward?
      - I'm just worried. (+20)
      - What's the matter?

    2. Chapter 8 Scene 4
      - I just forgot to mention it
      - I thought it wasn't necessary (+20)
      - It's my problem
      (I'm getting rather good at guessing :p)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Chapter 9 scene 2
    1. I just want you to be nice to me (+20)
    2. Even Kevin hasn't done this to me
    3. This is domestic violence

    Chapter 9 scene 4
    1. I didn't betray you
    2. Kevin is a good person
    3. There is nothing more than that (+10)

    1. Chapter 9 scene 7
      1. Kevin said the same thing...
      2. You're right... (+20)
      3. Don't jump to conclusions

      Chapter 9 scene 9
      1. Can I go out to the lobby?
      2. Kevin let me draw.
      3. I have to control myself for now...(+20)

    2. Chapter 9 scene 4
      1.I didn`t betray you. (+20)

  13. Chapter 9
    Scene 13
    1. Stay out of it.
    2. I have no control over it.
    3. Can I at least draw in my office? (20)

    Chapter 10
    Scene 3
    1. I'm glad it's you, Edward... (20)
    2. Don't s neak up on me!
    3. Don't s care me!

    Scene 4
    1. You don't worry about me, do you?
    2. That's what you mean... (20)
    3. You use me to keep your inheritance.

    Scene 6.
    1. Don't say that. What do you want?
    2. Please wait for a year.
    3. You're making things worse for yourself. (20)

    Scene 9.
    1. Maybe.
    2. Don't jump to conclusions.
    3. Wait, be careful. (20)

    Scene 13
    1. What's the matter?
    2. Let's see...
    3. I'm so happy! (20)

    Chapter 11
    Scene 4
    1. I'm not an object! (20)
    2. Edward...!
    3. Me? With Kevin?

    Scene 7
    1. Are you drunk?
    2. You praise me too much.
    3. I'm glad. (20)

    Scene 10
    1. In this posture? (20)
    2. Why don't you ask for a body pillow?
    3. It hurts a bit...

    Scene 15
    1. We can't afford to have Gabriella mad at us.
    2. You must have been really drunk.
    3. Good night. (20

    Scene 1 6.
    1. Thank you, Edward. (20)
    2. Thank you, both of you.
    3. Thank you, Kevin.

    Chapt 12
    Scene 4
    1. Don't pull me so hard. (20)
    2. Edward, thank you.
    3. Kevin, are you alright?

    Scene 5.
    1. Please forget about Gabriella.
    2. Now you can relax.
    3. Are you worried about Gabriella? (20)

    Scene 9.
    1. Out of reflex?
    2. Maybe he likes me.
    3. ...No idea. (20)

    Scene 13.
    1. I'll do that.
    2. But I'm still worried. (20)
    3. Be nice to Kevin.

    Scene 15.
    1. It's already paid for...
    2. It's close to the hospital.
    3. Do you want me to come home? (20)

    Chapter 13
    Scene 3
    1. You suffer from an Oedipus complex.
    2. Sorry. (20)
    3. (I'm going to caress his head.)

    Scene 7.
    1. I have suffered all these years because of you.
    2. ...You must have suffered so much. (20)
    3. Does Kevin feel the same?

    Scene 9
    1. You're not a NEET then.
    2. I thought you worked for yourself...
    3. How nice of your brother. (20)

    1. I don't know why they continue comparing with FL -.- story is different. well, I like this game ^3^ and the lack of ticket is killing me ~(▼○▼)~

    2. Chapter 13
      Scene 13
      1. What if we aren't ready?
      2. ...Thank you. (20)
      3. You have no right...

      Scene 14.
      1. Where is Kevin?
      2. Do you want me to show you round? (20)
      3. What about your job?

      Secret story, lover meter 1300+

  14. Chapter 7
    2. It's nothing, compared to what she went through. (20)

    Sc. 5
    2.Hope you can get back to work soon.(20)

    2. ...Sorry. (20)

    3.I'll do it. (20)

    3. If you say so, it must be true. (20)

    Chapter 8
    3. What's the matter? (20)

    1. I just forgot to mention it. (20)

    2. ...I'm glad. (20)

    2. Yes, I did. (20)

    3.Isn't he your brother? (20)

    1. For chapter 8, S12, I picked
      1. Thank you for the inspiration to get +20

    2. When i choose i forgot to mention it i got 10 point you must not put wrong anwer

    3. Mm :3 chapter 8
      Scene 1( no selections)

      1. What's wrong, Edward?
      2. I'm just worried. (20)
      3. What's the matter?

      Scene 9
      1. I just forgot to mention it.
      2. I though it wasn't necessary. (20)
      3. It's my problem.

      Scene 12.
      1. You showed me good inspirations. (20)
      2. ...I'm glad.
      3. I'm professional, after all.

  15. Thanks all for your helping. This is really a big help :-D :-D mwaaaah

  16. Oh my god i love kevin more than edward :O he is a kind person :-)

  17. Chapter 14.
    Scene 3.
    1. Can I go?
    2. I wonder what Kevin will say.
    3. Don't worry. I know. (20)

    Scene 6
    1. Provence wine, please. (20)
    2. This Madeira.
    3. Italian, please.

    Scene 8.
    1. I think it's Kevin.
    2. I have to say it's Edward. (20)
    3. Both of you helped me.

    Scene 12.
    1. ...I want to go.
    2. Kevin understands this.
    3. I know. (20)

    Scene 14.
    1. I'm glad you're worried. (20)
    2. Why do you think I'll fail too?
    3. Will I be like her?

    Secret story, Love Meter 1400+

    Chapter 15.
    Scene 3.
    1. I can't betray Edward. (20)
    2. I want to take your hand.
    3. I won't be deceived.

    Scene 7.
    1. (I want to stay away from him.)
    2. (I don't want to move.)
    3. (I want to go near him.) (20)

    Scene 11.
    1. Is he trying to manipulate me?
    2. Am I making him suffer? (20)
    3. It's not like him.

    Scene 12.
    1. I believe you. (20)
    2. Are you trying to buy me?
    3. What do you mean by what's best?...

    Scene 14.
    1. I didn't mean it.
    2. I'm glad... (20)
    3. Forget it.

    All Ending: Love M. 1500+
    Perfect End: Love M. 950+
    Dream End: Love M. 750+
    Normal End: no requiremen

  18. Chapter 7 scene 5
    1. It's not a big deal
    2. I hope you can got to work soon...20

  19. Thx for the walk through :D
    Btw if.any.of you want to get 350 coins by entering any of the following Id invitation codes here they are :

  20. I like this story but i feel like it has more drama than forbidden love. I mean Edward is more of an @ss and Gabriella is more of b*tch than Amelia ever was

    1. I agree (。-`ω´-) Gabriella is #@*#&$*@*#& and ugly _-_ Amelia, she's at least pretty. (? ヘ(・_|

  21. Hi! I started the 2nd story today >w<

    Can I post here my walkthroughs?

    1. pleasedo share your walkthroughs! it's a lot of help :3

  22. Why does the ending requires scenario tickets?

  23. 350 coins: Invite rdd2744. Just got into this. Good story. Thanks for the help :-)

  24. This sucks Azusa's not gonna update this great game any more. >:<

    1. IKR. At least some of us are posting on the comments of walkthrough that that is not posted by Azusa.

    2. Yeah I hope they don't stop updating tho.

  25. I just love how I ended up with kevin in edward's route..thanks for the walkthrough it really helps me get to see all three endings..good job :)

  26. There is one ID you can use:

  27. Bwah...
    I actually liked Kevin. Because you know, it's pretty understandable why does he act so. He is just... ugh... this kind of people who are doing THAT sort of thing in position like his. Edward is a way too sweet for me. Too perfect to be real.

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  32. Where is the walkthrough for the 2nd story?

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    Pfk8081 thankz. Btw, it is a nice blog.

  35. 2nd Story Chapter 1 Scene 2
    I would love to, but... (20)
    What should I do?

  36. I'm not quite sure how these invitation IDs work...Can we only enter one of them?
    Also, for some reason, I have five IDs (oops):


  37. i find this game addicting, HONTO! I can't even sleep now, waiting for the clock to tick and read that it's 4am already..... OTL

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