Monday, 3 February 2014

[walkthrough]Rob - Valentine Event (BMP for GREE)

Prince Roberto's Walkthrough
( options that i bold is the right answer)

Contributor :

-Stage 1-
Episode 3
More than anything, i don't want to disappoint you
I'd be pitiful as Iberian pig
Get : 200 LF

-Stage 2-
Episode 2
Keep quite
Tell him
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission : Clutch bag of assorted chocolate (3000 Cruz)

-Stage 3-
Episode 3
Mr. Boatman, let's go!
Stay back, Roberto
Get : 200 LF
Episode 4
Mission : Chocolate Knit (4500 Cruz)

-Stage 4-
Episode 3-Happy Ending-
Your kindness is going to spoil me
I shouldn't take advantage of your kindness
Get : 200 LF
-Stage 4-
Episode 3-Normal Ending-
Got it, i won't say a word
Shouldn't you tell Roberto?
Get : 200 LF

*i will keep updating this walkthrough


  1. Answer for Normal Ending is
    Got it. I won't say a word (Get 200 LF)


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