Saturday, 2 April 2016


Dear all of friends and visitors.
thank you for supporting the blog although it was not updated since 2 years ago (my last post is on 2014).
I'm really, deeply want to thank all of you.

There're lots of going on from past 2 years,
and here I am, I will try to keep active in the blog.
However, I'm not going to post Otome Games walkthrough like past,
cause i actually stopped playing mobile otome games since 2014.
( all Voltage, NTT Solmare, Accela Inc., other games)

But it doesn't mean i stopped playing otome game. :)
I still play these games:
-. Tokimeki Memorial 3rd Season (PSP)
-. Storm Lover (PSP)
-. Nameless (PC)
-. Amnesia (PC)
-. other NDS otome games
-. currently waiting 3DS otome games (if there's any)

So.. From now on this blog mainly will post any random stuff (like this post),
the current games I play, the current mangas I read, some post might be about otome games that I play.
But don't worry, all old otome game walkthtough will stay in this blog and accessible for anyone who needs it. :)

thank your for reading guys!
please keep sending your love to this blog. ^^~
and lastly, I'm finally back. ^^

Friday, 15 August 2014

[Random]Announcement: i will stop playing several otome games

Sorry for the absence during several weeks gals. 
Currently, i'm busy with my study, so i can't update the blog as often as before. 
Please bear with my very slow update.. :)

also, i'm so sorry to tell you gals that i'll stop playing FREE otome games. 
(Forbidden Love, It's Our Secret, Contract Marriage, Office Lover, Starstruck Lover, Bidding for Love). 
So i won't post walkthrough for those games that i mentioned above anymore.
(feel free to contact me if you're willing to post the walkthroughs, i will put it under your name, ^^)

But i promise that i'll post Assad's route (Arabian Nights) & Horai's route (Sweet Scandal) and also event walkthroughs for Voltage GREE games. :)

at the moment i'm playing Kissed by Baddest Bidder & Two Bedroom. 
I'm also waiting for the new voltage & solmare games. :) 
Feel free to talk with my about these games. :3 hehe 

I'm so sorry that i can't help you gals anymore. :')
but you're free to drop by this blog or chat me through google+
(i don't have fb, whatsapp, line, ym, or any other social messenger, i only have google+ and this blog. so please don't rant on me if you contacted me through those social media and i don't reply your message)
Thank you for your understanding gals *big hug*

with love,


Monday, 31 March 2014

[walkthrough]Horai Itsuki Main Story (Sweet Scandal)

Itsuki's walkthrough
(Option that i bold get highest point)
(Highest point: 5 Middle Point: 3 Lowest Point: 1)
(AP: Affection Point)


[update]Lost Island is out! ( NTT Solmare)

new game from Solmare is out gals!
(unfortunately this is paid version.)
Shall we date?: Lost Island - screenshot

the game has a different story from others,
it's about mystery, horror (they said there'll be zombie, whatsoever). :)
so i think it might be interesting. 

here are the characters you can choose:

i'll try one character first (Ryo) and later i'll share what i think about the game here. :)
happy playing gals~

and this is my invite code:
feel free to use it, :)
once i get the pictures i will post it here. :D
thank you gals~

Monday, 10 March 2014

[walkthrough] Mitsurugi Kyo Main Story (Bidding for Love)

Kyo's Main Story Walkthrough
highest point: 5 Middle:3 Lowest: 0
answer that i bold and underline give highest point


Special Thanks:

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

[update]Bidding for Love is out! (Arithmetic/Okko)

Bidding for Love【Dating sim】 - screenshot

The story is about MC, who was just an ordinary person.
one day, she get sold in blackmarket.
then someone bought her for 600 M.
google play : Bidding for Love

the bidders :
Bidding for Love【Dating sim】 - screenshot

i'm going to play Kyo first, hehe~
and of course i'll post the walkthrough ^^~
so please help me to proceed the game faster by using my invite ID
and of course you also will get 100 Platinum for entering my ID.
and also this is my nickname : asanoazunyan
thank you gals~

anyway, i just got back home from a journey,
so tonight i will update Ali Baba's walkthrough ^^~ ( i already reach chapter 10)
and also the other walkthroughs. :3
have a nice day & happy playing gals!
(thanks for your understanding & patient for waiting for me to come back, love yaa)

Friday, 21 February 2014

[walkthrough]Edward's Main Story (It's Our Secret)

Edward's Main Story 1 Walkthrough
Highest Point: 20 Middle: 10 Lowest:5
Answer that i bold and underline give highest point


Special Thanks

[update]Purelove Leon & Masa complete version is out!

Purelove(complete ver.) -LEON- - screenshot

i've been wondering why they have Leon/Masa version while they actually have a compilation of all character in one game..
someone can explain to me why?
is the story different?
or else?

Leon version : google play
Masa version : google play

Thursday, 20 February 2014

[walkthrough]Ali Baba's Main Story (Arabian Nights)

Ali Baba's walkthrough
(Options that i bold get highest point)
(Highest point: 5 Middle: 3 Low:1)
(AP: Affection Point)

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