Friday, 15 August 2014

[Random]Announcement: i will stop playing several otome games

Sorry for the absence during several weeks gals. 
Currently, i'm busy with my study, so i can't update the blog as often as before. 
Please bear with my very slow update.. :)

also, i'm so sorry to tell you gals that i'll stop playing FREE otome games. 
(Forbidden Love, It's Our Secret, Contract Marriage, Office Lover, Starstruck Lover, Bidding for Love). 
So i won't post walkthrough for those games that i mentioned above anymore.
(feel free to contact me if you're willing to post the walkthroughs, i will put it under your name, ^^)

But i promise that i'll post Assad's route (Arabian Nights) & Horai's route (Sweet Scandal) and also event walkthroughs for Voltage GREE games. :)

at the moment i'm playing Kissed by Baddest Bidder & Two Bedroom. 
I'm also waiting for the new voltage & solmare games. :) 
Feel free to talk with my about these games. :3 hehe 

I'm so sorry that i can't help you gals anymore. :')
but you're free to drop by this blog or chat me through google+
(i don't have fb, whatsapp, line, ym, or any other social messenger, i only have google+ and this blog. so please don't rant on me if you contacted me through those social media and i don't reply your message)
Thank you for your understanding gals *big hug*

with love,



  1. Glad to have you back for a bit :) I will continue to do my best to post the walkthroughs for all free games :D

  2. gonna continue them at my own blog. But I will link to the old walkthrough here ;)

  3. It's okay Azun~ <3
    I can understand that ur busy..
    I was very busy as well and wasnt able to buy some stuff..
    I missed soooo much otome games Dx
    But for now I get on "Kissed by the baddest bidder" again and I LOVE it xD

    Missed you Cutie~

    1. it's been a really long time Tamara-chan. ^^~
      i just sign in this blog in 2016.. omg.. and your comment is in 2014. T___T
      i miss you too ^^~

  4. I know how you feel. I know I have to cut back a lot of otome gaming now for uni too. So I limited myself to only 2 free games, and no paid ones now. I'm a starving uni student ;). Good luck with your studies.

    1. thank you dear!
      i'm actually back.. in 2016. *sigh*
      i hope you're well. :)

  5. I am really sad on hearing this news that, you had stopped playing several otome games. As in my point of view, this is the one and only way where you can get yourself relaxed and free from tensions. Yes, you can experience such feeling while you are playing the video games and also, you can enjoy the pleasure, happiness and delight in your heart while you are playing. So, my kind and humble request is to keep on playing the video games to keep yourself free form tensiion.

    1. hehe, thank you for your concern dear. :)
      i'm actually only stopped playing the online otome games (mobile phone version)
      however, i still play other games, as well read mangas.
      life is quite busy, so i can't manage to play too much games,
      especially otome games. there're tons of it. i can't handle all. T___T

      but yes, i keep playing video games. ^^~
      thank you very much. <3

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