Monday, 31 March 2014

[walkthrough]Horai Itsuki Main Story (Sweet Scandal)

Itsuki's walkthrough
(Option that i bold get highest point)
(Highest point: 5 Middle Point: 3 Lowest Point: 1)
(AP: Affection Point)


-Chapter 1-
Scenario 4
What a wonderful memory
Did she look like me?
I hope you find her
Scenario 9
I'll go with you
I can't ask you to do that
How about tea
Scenario 11
I hadn't considered that
I wanted to help the boy
I thought I could climb up there

-Chapter 2-
Scenario 3

We'll take on that challenge together
You'll do great
Let's enjoy it together! (1)
Scenario 6 (Special Story)
Need 18 AP
Scenario 9
That's incredible
You're a great cook
Scenario 12
It's nice and warm
Thank you (3)
You''ll catch cold

-Chapter 3-
Scenario 2

I can't wait
The photographs alone are fantastic
Let's work hard to make it perfect
Scenario 6
Don't you think you're exaggerating?
I'll be more careful next time (3)
You're too demanding
Scenario 8 (Special Graphic)
Need 36 AP
Scenario 14
Still, it's nice of them to say it
They're adorable
I don't mind

-Chapter 4-
Scenario 2

Are you complimenting me?
Stop, you're embarrassing me
I don't seem like a reporter?
Scenario 7 (Special Graphic)
Need 46 AP
Scenario 8
We are like family
He's just a friend
I've never even thought about it
Scenario 14 (Special Story)
Need 51 AP
Scenario 15
Wave back (3)
Smile and nod
Look at him disapprovingly

-Chapter 5-
Scenario 2

I didn't do anything
Thank you
Don't thank me
Scenario 3 (Special Graphic)
Need 59 AP
Scenario 8
With me?
I'm embarrassed
I can't dance (1)
Scenario 12
How about something sweet?
My cooking isn't that good
O-okay, I'll try my best

-Chapter 6-
Scenario 3 (Special Story)
Need 68 AP
Scenario 4
Can we at least sit down?
Let me see your face at least
Quietly nod

*i will keep updating the walkthrough


  1. Wanna help some correct answer......
    Chapter 2
    Scenario 3 : We'll take on that challenge together (+5)
    Scenario 12 : It's nice and warm (+5)

    Chapter 3
    Scenario 6 : You're too demanding (+5)

    Chapter 4
    Scenario 15 : Look at him disapprovingly (+5)

  2. Chapter 6
    Scenario 6: "Don't look at me like that." (+5)
    "Don't worry about me."
    "Let's just go back to working together."

  3. Chapter 5
    Scenario 8 : I'm embarrassed (+5)


  4. Chapter 6
    Scenario 13:

    "If you don't."
    "I don't mind at all."
    "It's very comforting. (+5)

  5. Chapter 2
    scenario 3
    We'll take on that challenge together (5)

  6. It's so sad that you stopped playing free otome games T^T I was planning to recommend you the Season 2 of Kitazawa Omi's routine... but I'll just understand :)


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