Thursday, 7 November 2013

[update]Tom's route was out (Forbidden Love)

Hello gals,
Tom's route was out this early November.
(i think it's 1st of November, if i'm not wrong)

so, i did a poll for Tom's walkthrough.
and the poll was ended on 30th of October.
(quite a long time ago)
and the result is this :

so, 23 people vote for yes and 22 people vote for no.
i promised to do his walkthrough if more people interested with his story.
so, yes. i will do his walkthrough.
but not right now, i will start it 2 or 3 days later,
because at the moment i'm still stuck with Mathew's route.
so please be patient gals. :)
and i'm hoping for your help for Tom's walkthrough. :D
please correct me if i choose wrong answer ^^~
thank you gals!


  1. Now i'm playing Tom's route. His route is like McHenry's route, because there are 2 selection in one chapter. but for chapter 1, there's no selection.

    Chapter 1 :
    (no selections)
    Chapter 2 :
    "I don't remember"
    "I think this is my fifth"
    "I think this is my second" (50 LP)
    "Don't worry about me"
    "Have you been through the same thing?" (50 LP)
    (it's because of you)

    * Secret story (need 60 LP)

    They're 20 years apart O.O
    but i think it's quite interesting. maybe the the publisher try to make Tom more kinder or sweet than his behaviour in other routes.
    I think now i know why he act like a jerk to MC at other routes.

    btw, voltage just released Glenn Princess Sequel, and his main and sequel route are on sale !!!!
    why they sale in the same time...are they trying to rob me =w=

    1. Chapter 3 :
      "Why me?" (50 LP)
      "Are you making fun of me?"
      "Do you think i can do it?"
      "I'll do it"
      "I accept your offer"
      "OK" (50 LP)

      I hope it'll help you ^^

    2. thank you so much Riana >w<
      sorry to trouble you a lot. T_____T
      i will post the walkthrough as soon as possible.
      now i have emergency work to do. :(

      oh wow. O_O
      that's so far.. 20 years..
      Tom looks like pedobear. ._.
      really? XD~
      if you say so then it must be interesting! XD~
      i haven't finish Matt's route. :( so sad. :(

      ah yes!
      they're releasing new game soon!
      it called class trip something. XDDD~
      lol, i know right!
      they're also trying to rob me. :'(

    3. you're welcome and nevermind about that ^ ^~'s really that far
      and also because their different age, i wonder how M&A online will make their story till the end. it's quite interesting :D

      and here for the next chapter :
      Chapter 4 :
      (no selection)
      Chapter 5 :
      "That's not fair!"
      "Can you give me another chance?" (50 LP)
      "I'll redo it"

      but i'm not sure if it just has one selection or two for chapter 5. because it has more than 5 scene in one chapter.

      btw, i'm playing Office lover too :D and can i add you as a friend in there? (but how to add friend in office lover?).
      did you know for how long voltage usually did the sale? i want to buy Glenn's route in the end of this month if it's still on sale =w=

    4. thank you so much Riana :'( *hug*
      i'm also curious how they end the story. >w<
      hopefully it's not disappointing. >w<

      never mind Riana, i will re-check it later. ;)
      you already did great with the walkthrough. >w<

      really? XD~ yeeyy! XD~
      you can see Friend TOP choice from My Page, Riana. >w<
      then after than choose Increase Friend > Search Name
      then search the nickname, mine is Asano Azusa. XD~
      how about yours?

      hmmm, the limit time isn't always same Riana.
      sometimes 2 weeks or more.
      and also, if the sale will be ended, they will give notification on your phone. :)
      XDDD~ go for it! XDD~
      i already have Glenn's, so i don't need buy it. XD~

    5. i've tried search with Asano Azusa, Asano, not found. but if i search using Azusa, there are many Azusa O.O
      mine is Airin Sakurai ;)

      hmm...i see's really a temptation XD

    6. ahahaha. XDDD~
      looks like Azusa is a common name.
      i found 1 person name Sakurai. >w<
      please tell me if it's you. :D

      ahahaha. XDD~
      ikr! XD~ i'm going to broke soon because of the sale. :(

    7. i think that's not me. because when i searched with Sakurai and looked at her avatar, she was different with my avatar.
      my avatar still used her original costume, except her hair and hold a ribbon bag.

      then let's broke together Azusa :p
      i want to but his route but i want to buy a nendoroid too (nendo that i waited since a long time) :(

    8. it's not you? O_O
      then i added wrong person *facepalm*
      lol, then how do i find you? T____T
      i searched, only appear that one Sakurai.
      no one else.
      why is it so hard to add friends. =_____=

      ahahahaa. XDD~
      let's broke together. XDD~ lol~
      what kind of nendo? hihi :3
      decide your mind Riana, which one you would like to buy. XDDD~

    9. No, that's not me
      lol...i don't know how too, Azusa...
      and we can't use the full name to search friend -__-

      Finally, i decided to buy nendo first. and now i have Sakura Miku >.<
      but the end of month, i'll buy Glenn's route :p

    10. why is it so hard to just add friend. =____=
      should i complain to Arithmetic too? ._. lol. >w<
      yes, agree! why only can search their nickname. =____=

      *cheers* i bet it must be so cuteee <3 <3 hihi. XDD~
      so you do like Miku, Riana? XD~
      woaahh, they're still having Glenn's sale, but it will ends soon. >w<
      quick Riana! >w<

    11. yeah, i've been thinking about it too. want to asked them about add friend why is it so hard. =___=

      Yess...she's just so adorable, i can help it to buy her >.<

      i got the notification about the end of sale, so i just bought it yesterday :p
      and i've just finished reading his routes. triangle O.O
      i love Alan. he's so adorable >.< if i have a little brother like him, i can't think to let him out of my

      it's just me or Wilfred really seems to love the MC in this route? but i guessed it happen too in other routes. how he talked, stared and react to MC.
      still, Wilfred is my favourite XD~

      About Yu, he reminds me of my childhood friend. we had always been together before went to university in different town.
      but no, not like Yu, we just loves each other like brother-sister ;)

      i can't wait for Joshua's and Edward's route on sale. maybe next month, i'll buy Keith, Roberto and Glenn's princess sequel :D
      btw, it's my last post in this topic, because i think, i've been out of topic.
      i'm sorry about that m( _ _ )m


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