Friday, 29 November 2013

[random]Thank you so much for your support and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello gals,
first of all i want to say thank you so much for your support and love.
without you gals, this blog wouldn't be exist. :')
and i also would like to say sorry,
now, i couldn't online everyday and i would reply your comments really" late.
but don't worry i read every comments that you gals posted, (even the deleted one) hehe~
thank you so much for the supportive comment (and also harsh one),
you gals really made my days. ^^~
when i was tired, i become happy after i read your comments and also your chat (google+) :3
every comments you sent is really meaningful for me
and i also would like to say sorry to everyone who sent question or ask in AskAzu section,
(Karura, Nurul, Kitty, Mandy, Naoki Hikari and Gina)
i checked all of the message & question, but i'm so sorry that i couldn't reply right now. :(
i was really busy this month until middle of December, :(

I'm only free at night, so i will try my best to reply all comments. :)
(and also AskAzu section) hehe..
so please bear with my slow reply and see you around gals! :3
i need to log out right now, it's already 3 a.m.
once again, thank you for your understanding and patience <3

and i also wanted to say
Happy Thanksgiving Gals!
Happy Thanksgiving '06 by shortpinay
thank you so much for visiting this blog and make this blog alive.
Have a nice day and
i love you all, gals ^^~ XOXO


  1. No thank you Azu~ Please have a great Thanksgiving <3!!!~~

    1. my pleasure Neiro-chan <3
      you too! hope you had a great thanksgiving <3


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