Thursday, 7 November 2013

[update]Office Lover was out!

Hello gals, 
Arithmetic released another otome game called Office Lover on 1st November.
*i know this update was so late.. :(

【Office Lover】dating games - screenshot

MC is a secretary who just finished a contract with her past president.
now, she's in charge of being a secretary for new president.
so, here are the presidents that MC need to serve.
please choose one and encounter exciting love in the office with him. :3

【Office Lover】dating games - screenshot

and gals, 
here's my invite code :

feel free to use my invite code to get 100 platinum ^^~
and happy playing~

anyway i choose Kitazawa's route. hehe~
so, i will do his walkthrough. :)


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Have a good day.

With love, Azusa~

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