Monday, 26 August 2013

[walkthrough][extra]Satoru's main story (10 days with my devil)

Satoru's Walkthrough, CG and Letter
(options that i bold are the one that i choose)

-Story 1-
I am a bit mad actually
I'm still trying to take this all in
I don't get mad

This is complicated
I think i got it
This really isn't a joke

-Story 2-
There's a problem
It's not like i'll try to escape
Let's ask Kakeru

I'm not a tool!
I'm worthless
Is that how you see women?

-Story 3-
I trust him
Well, he was sketchy, but..
I'm sure he won't do it again

It's obvious
You can change it without using the remote
You don't know how?

-Story 4-
I want to, but..
I'll pass
What should i do?

Doesn't this tire you out?
Which one is the real you?
Why do you do this?

Does he really think it looks good?
What kind of women is his type?
I bet he's popular with woman

-Story 5-

Break loose
Go quietly
Might as well see the VIP room

I'll be more careful
That's not true
What do you mean?

-Story 6-
your lover?
a demon?
an angel?

Ask what it is for now
Decline and say you're busy
Run away

-Story 7-
Is there anything i can do?
You have to do something, Kakeru
We should ask Akane about this

I want to talk to you
Nothing in particular
I just wanted to hear your voice

There's no point in crying
It would be a waste to cry
I don't want to cry

-Story 8-
You can praise me a bit more
Want me to do all of them?
You should learn how to do this

Pretend to be calm
Try to move away casually
Let Satoru sit down

-Story 9-
You forgot our promise
Are you all right?
I'm glad you're okay

Say you're feeling fine
Take him up on his offer

Ask him to hold your hand
Ask him to stay with you all day
Ask him to go back to his room

-Story 10-
It's my fault
Can you overlook it this time?
I'll pay for this with my life

What did you talk about?
Was Kakeru mad at you?
Are you upset?

-Story 11-
It's a good future, right?
.. is it a bad future?
Say nothing and wait

I trust you
Is this going to work?
Say nothing

-Story 12-
That's impossible
Let's give it a shot
Ask Satoru

I'm really worried
Not really
I trust you guys

-Story 13-
Talk to Meguru
Talk to Satoru
Follow Shiki

Explain the situation
You don't need to get so upset
Say nothing

-Story 14-
A friend
Someone special
A random passerby

I'm happy
I'm embarrassed
I have mixed feelings

-Story 15-
Will you really be terminated?
Today's the 10th day
Say nothing

What about you?
Anywhere is fine
Lots of places

-Story 16-
*Super Happy Ending

In the Storage Room

"If you make me mad, don't blame me if you get hurt"

Favorite Food

"You want some?"

In The Arms of The One You Love

"... I'm sorry"

After a Kiss on The Forehead
"I want to give you a real kiss, but..
then I wouldn't be able to hold myself back.
You'll have to settle this"

Vows of Love with a Demon

"I love you, Azusa. I want you to stay with me forever"

Story 1
Story 2
Story 5
Story 8
Story 10
Story 13
Story 16


  1. Mhhh...he looks okay...but his route is so so
    Not really my type xD
    It's a new game btw?
    Haven't seen it yet D:

    1. yes, i agree. >w<
      not really interesting. :3
      i'm waiting for Shiki's route. >w<
      yesss, it's a new game. XD
      really? ._.
      you can find it in the store actually.

  2. mhhhh
    lemme seeee e_e
    *looks for it*
    Devil sounds promising xD

    1. lol, the title of the game is interesting enough actually. :3
      i love the concept actually. >w<
      i think voltage's game is kind of different from the rest. :3
      they has many game with different concept, like pirate, devil, thief, celebrity, bodyguard, knight, prince, etc.
      instead solmare keep releasing ninja story.. ._.


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