Sunday, 25 August 2013

[random]thank you guys !

hello guys!
sorry for not posting for a long time. ;_;
sooo.. i have a good news regarding Destiny Ninja game.
I did say that i won't do Destiny Ninja walkthrough..
but so far i completed Goyo & Hyosuke's route.
(you can see their walkthrough here : Goyo | Hyosuke)
so.. the good news is..
i will continue doing the walkthrough for Destiny Ninja.
this time is Mizuki's route. :3
there's a reason why i can continue doing the walkthrough..
it's all thanks to people who use my inviteID
thank you for give me chance to continue doing the walkthrough.
i really love you guys. ;_;

i promised i will do a video for Mirai's Special (Seduced in the Sleepless City)
yes, i will do it & upload it.
sorry for taking such a long time ;_;
(please tell me if someone already upload it)

another thing is..
Mike's 4th Story, Johannes & Robert wallthrough are complete !
i can't say thank enough for Riana, theLettuceGarden04 and Ryvallen who helped me do the walkthrough.
thank you very much gals 
you all are the best !

last but not least..
for everyone out there who usually come or ever come to this blog.
i just want to say..
thank you for the support !

please take the cupcakes for my gratitude ♥ enjoy~

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