Thursday, 1 August 2013

[update]Forbidden Love Special Event

M&A is holding a special event right now.
the event will end on 8th of August, 23:59:59
based on New York time (UTC/GMT-5)

There are 3 stories out in this special event.
The first story is The Jealousy where the MC and her mother planning to test Mike for his love.
The second story is The Deserted Island where Mike & MC was lost at an island because of the airplane crash.
Attention :  the Okinawa trip story is missing, so better try another stories first until they fix it 
M&A decided to close the Okinawa Trip story
The third story is The Okinawa trip, i think you can guess that Mike & MC will have a trip to Okinawa..
but it's not end there !
there is another story which can be read, if you managed to finish all those 3 stories with happy ending. :3
the last story is French Travel Edition.
and if you get happy ending for all 3 stories, you also will get Alice Dress for your avatar. :3

Tips :
-. Don't worry about your love ticket, this event stories doesn't use the ticket.
-. collect Love as many as possible for the tests. (or simply use coins)
1st & 2nd story
1st test need 500 Love (100 coins)
2nd test need 1500 Love ( 200 coins)
3rd test need 8800 Love ( 500 coins)
3rd story
1st test need 500 Love (100 coins)
2nd test need 2500 Love ( 200 coins)
3rd test need 8800 Love ( 500 coins)

P.S : thanks to theLettuceGarden04 Riana and Nathalia for the hints :3

Happy Playing guys !

*i will keep updating the tips


  1. I tried selecting the Okinawa event... it seems "An unsuitable expression was in the scenario" - I guess something happened in translation? It seems this is the message for each scene so I suggest others try another event first.

    1. hello Sarah,
      i think the Okinawa event is broken.
      it's not only the translation,
      the test also different with the other 2 stories.
      yes, thank you very much for your advice <3
      have a good day. >w<

  2. Nathalia Barros2 August 2013 at 11:27

    The 2nd test, in the first event, ask for 1500 love or 100 coins. (Sorry if my english is bad, actually i'm brazilian)
    Ah, and i'm so glad that i found this site, thanks for all of you work doing the walkthroughs!

    1. hello Nathalia. :D
      thank you very much for your contribution. >w<
      really appreciate it. :3
      i'm so happy to hear that. XD
      you're most welcome, >w<
      anyway, you're english is okay dear ;)

  3. 1st & 2nd:
    Here are the hints (you can get LP via playing the mini game):
    1st test: 500 LP/100 coins
    2nd test: 800 LP?/100 coins
    3rd test: sorry I forgot the points/500 coins

    3rd EVENT: The third event Okinawa is BROKEN, you can't see the scenarios at the moment, which doesn't really bother me, since I want to finish the events now and view it via the album later, but it still has the test. This one I think is a bit different, which are:

    1st test: 500 love points/100 coins
    2nd test: 2500 love points/200 coins
    3rd test: 8800 love points/500 coins

    You can tell I am over-exited as I am finishing them fast so I can get to Johannes already :D

    1. hello there, >w<
      how should i call you? XD

      thank you very much for the hints <3
      i can't finish all the events because i will be out of the town by today. :D
      you're so fast anyway. ;_;

      wow, it's really broken i think..
      ._. how to get 8800 love points.
      hahaha, never mind. lol

      hahahahaha, yes.
      everyone is so excited with Johannes' route. :3
      once again thank you very much <3
      and happy dating with Johannes Ow<


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