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[AskAzu]Becky/Rebecca: Tips for Shall We Date:Destiny Ninja Game -Endings,Cakes,Passes,etc-

Question :

Answer :
Hello Rebecca and every Australians here ! ^^~
thank you for giving so much support and love to this blog. :3
i'm really thankful. (^/////^)>

to answer your question about the ending.
i have to correct you that to get all ending, you need to play one story/route 3 times.
what i meant that you need to choose [S] and [L] answer back and forth is because to get love sick ending & proceed to hidden love ending, you need to keep your love meter in the green line.
sorry if my explanation made you misunderstand. ^^;

and i think i have to make it clear that DN has 3 endings, not 4.
1st ending is sweet ending, 2nd endings is lovey dovey ending a.k.a secret love ending.
and the last one is love sick ending which continue to hidden love ending.
but, you have take a note that if you choose love sick ending, you will have a mission that you need to pass to get hidden love ending, if i'm not wrong it require 800 friendship with the partner, then you can get the hidden love ending.

i'm not really sure about your question regarding the saved story by using save story ticket.
but i think yes, it will only record the story that you've been through. (please correct me if i'm wrong)
and, if you're only curious with the rest of ending, you could buy the other endings after you finish one ending. :)

yes, i'm totally agree with you that this game really takes lots of time if we're not play using real money.
i think this is not a tips..
but this is how i managed to keep playing the game & do the walkthrough without using real money.
so, i will tell you how. :)
first, get at least 5 people use your invite ID.
you will get lots of benefit, despite of get lots of cakes & passes, you also will get partner's item with value 310+ friendship, so you don't need to buy item to pass the mission because Sweet ending & lovey dovey ending only require max. 300 friendship.
with this way, you save your zeni. (game money) to buy another thing like pass or reinforcement to support another mission.
every time your invite ID used, (after the first 5 people) you will get 3 cakes & passports for each person.
second, get friends as many as possible, do greet & post comment to their wall to collect Zeni.
all of the zeni collected only can be used to buy passport & partner items.
so there's no other way to get cakes for free besides ask your friend to use your invite ID.
actually, you also can get cakes from the ninja lottery ticket, but you need to buy the ticket or get it after you finish one story.
then, play the game everyday to get the log-in prize.
i'm not sure if DN use the same rule like Forbidden Love, where when you skip one day log-in to the game,
you will lost the current count of your log-in and it will reset to the first log-in.
but one time i got reset to first day, hopefully i'm not wrong.
i only can tell you this, because this is my way to play this game.
i bet you know all of these way. :3

and i'm agree that nowadays Solmare became more greedy. i despise that.
it broke my heart that now they're change. they asked for more expensive price for short spin-off story.
(compared to the paid-version game that they released long time ago)
ah yes, Ninja Love is the best among all. :) i love solmare's paid-version more than GREE version.
i hate the money-taking machine Ninja Love GREE version. =____=
i hope solmare update Ninja Love for android. ;_;
kekeke~ and yes, voltage paid-version game does really tempting. :3
if you want to see what does voltage paid-version game looks like,
you could go to youtube and search for the video,
some people upload the story.
Seii K upload most of story (i think). i also upload some, :)
just check it out & see if it's worth your money.
i'm not doing this to cut out voltage's bussiness,
but it's for first impression(?) i guess.
because at first, honestly i also depend with people who upload a videos of voltage paid-version games.
then, one of them said something that made me change my mind, so i started to bought the game. :)
after i bought it i regret nothing, because i respect the writer,artist, programmer, everyone who works hard for this.
for voltage GREE games, you could play it for free without spend any money.
like what i said before,
play the main story in paid-version & play GREE event story. :)

i'm so sorry that i write a lot. ;_;
but i'm glad if i can help you ^^~
i hope my answer is helpful.
if it's not really helpful, i'm so sorry, this is the best that i can answer for now. :)
thank you very much for your visit, i hope i'll see you around,
and of course by see you around means that we'll have a chance to talk through chat or else. :)
have a nice day ^^~

with love, Azusa


  1. Is there a way to get passes for free or pass a checkpoint for free on destiny ninja

    1. hello anon, ^^
      like i mentioned, you can get free pass (cake) if your friends put your invite ID.
      and for checkpoint, there's no way to pass it for free. :)

  2. How do you get free dc to buy 2 treasure box keys to pass the checkpoint, or do you ask a friend?

    1. hello Ashley ^^~
      i got the pass-checkpoint from people who use my invite ID. :)

    2. I accidentally switched stories and was wondering if there was any way to get free dc, so i could buy a save story ticket.

  3. How do you get people to use your invite ID?

    1. hello Rikku :)
      give your ID and ask your friends nicely :)

  4. I haven't enough Zeni to raise my friendship level:( what should i do? I'm tired to add and greet some people more :3

    1. Hello Zulfa, hmm..
      i think you can either purchase it use real money or patiently collect zeni from the daily login. :D

  5. Ummm how do you change back from a side story to the main story? If someone could answer this as quickly as possible that would be great.

    1. hello Merri,
      you can go to character list and pick the character & change story.
      you can find character list from menu/my page.
      sorry i kinda forgot & i already un-install the game.
      please send me the screencapture through google+ if you can't find it.

  6. What if I break a day and will my logging RANK be back to the first day?

    1. yes, your log-in will be reset. :)

    2. That means im actually on rank 9 and gotta wait 222 days to rank 10 again? ...

    3. pardon me? is there any logging rank? O_O
      i thought the rank is your exp & level?
      and daily log-in is different matter.

    4. Well its listed in the ninja task.

    5. In the DN game.

    6. Btw I've just got to rank 10. Thanks for the help.

  7. Hi ^^.
    I just want to ask if you know how to get more treasure boxes? Just logging every day to get 2 boxes in 16 days? Or is there other way? (not purchasing with real money) o___O
    Thanks in advance for your response ^^.

    1. hello anon, so sorry that i can't help you.
      i already stop playing shall we date free version. >.<
      but i think there's no other way than purchase it.

  8. How do you earn DC? I only seem to get Zeni

  9. How can i get energy?

  10. Hi c:
    I want to know how I can restart the game with another heroine, I did a wrong thing in the part that we have to choose an answer, i wanted to answer another thing but I can't go back to that part of the story right? So I want to restart the game. I tried to uninstall the game and install again but it appeared all the same how i had left and didn't appeared the part that we have to create a hero and that things :( can you help me please?

  11. How can I use my pass to pass a checkpoint, I'm stuck :(

  12. I have a stupid question but can someone tell me how to reset the whole game beacause I made some bad choices and I would like to start over? Can I get some help please?

  13. How do I place "Yesterdays romance EXP" ranking?

  14. The game lost island is from the dating sim 'shall we date' and I forgot to collect something so I need to restart an episode or just the whole game if I have to but I don't know how... Can u plz help me I tried and I don't know how T_T

  15. I play the story but wanted to reset the story as if I never had anything. Already tried to uninstall the application but nothing. Please help me, as I reset the story?

    1. When I wanted to reset the game I was a factory reset to my phone make sure to save all your contacts pictures and anything else important before you do that though

  16. Um.. can I restart the whole game?

  17. Hi! i have one treasure box key but i need to get another one to pass the checkpoint but i cant buy it because i dont have dc so how i can get it?

  18. How can u get more love meter boosts without using coins

  19. is there a way to have a love meter for free?without buying it with coins?please answer me :(

  20. hello. I'm on my way to hidden love ending. It requires 800 friendship level. So, if I change my story, will it be replaced ? ( like, I need to go through everything again to reach Hidden ending again )


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