Saturday, 3 August 2013

[random]too many games, too little time..

hi guys~
i'm so sorry to announce that i won't be around until mid of August.

i will be out from the town because it's.. holiday..?
i will try my best to update the blog and reply your comment,
and of course update Mike's & Johannes walkthroughs (Forbidden Love)
and Goyo's walkthrough (Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja)

and i've become so paranoid because there's no GREE event at all.
i'm going to say sorry first if they launched an event while i'm away.
i'm so sorry if i can't help you guys with the walkthrough.
(please noted that IF voltage do really hold an event later)

(i'm sorry but please wish me a sunny day during the holiday. >w< lol i'm just joking..)


  1. Aww dont worry too much Azusa chan and enjoy all you can!! I'll be waiting for you to come back^^
    Have a sunny holiday! xD

    1. hello Miaru-chan ^^
      i'm backkk, >w< yeeeyy~
      thank you very much,
      that's so sweet of you >w<
      i had a wonderful holiday !

  2. Oh no! Today you missed the English release of 10 Days with my Devil from Voltage! Enjoy your vacation! I am sure it will be here when you come back. Thank you for all the help with our romances! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

    1. hello sarah !
      i'm back >w<
      yes, i checked the update. kekeke~
      thank you very much >w<
      i enjoyed my vacation so much <3
      you're welcome, it's my pleasure. :3

  3. cute anime characters :) and lovely blog! you should also add some cute games like Papa's Freezeria :)


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