Thursday, 1 August 2013

[extra]Mirai Kageyama Main Story + Epilogue (Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Hello guys,
i will upload Mirai's main story as what i promised.
and i will post the video link here. :)
i'm doing my best to upload next story as soon as possible, so please be patient.
thank you for the understanding anyway.

Edited :
(15 July)
Anyway guys, i just realize that someone else already started to upload Mirai's main story.
T____T i'm so sorry that i didn't check it before hand. T____T
now i'm wondering if i should continue to upload or not. T____T
(19 July)
thank you for the support guys, :')
i'm truly appreciate it and glad.
i decided to continue upload Mirai's story until finish.
please bear with my slow upload. :')
(01 August)
i will re-upload Mirai's Epilogue with the higher quality as soon as possible.
please bear with the low-quality first. T_T
i don't know why youtube decrease the video quality.
thank you for the understanding. :')
please be patient because the internet is so slow. :(

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Story 9 | Story 10 | Story 11 | Story 12 | Story 13 | Story 14 | Story 15 | Story 16 |

Epilogue *link updated

Posted on : 15 July
Last updated : 01 August

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