Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[update]New Character-Haru- is out ! (My Forged Wedding)

Haru's main story is out ! *cheers* X3
i was so excited to wait Haru's story out, and this month it's really out :3
i'm playing his route right now. >w<
Haru is so tricky, he's kind of gentleman but he's also mischievous.
He's unpredictable and such a poker face, lol.
MC feels hard to tell when he's joking or being serious. (i guess i'm the same.. lol)
and  i quite like the MC in Haru's story (although she's a bit ignorant),
but she's better than MC in Yamato's story.
( i like Yamato, but i despise the MC personality.. )
i think i like MC in Ren's and Yuta's story after all. 
(they're mature & considerate, furthermore they're quite independent as well)
i think i prefer the MC to do the pampering than being pampered.. ._.

Besides, i really hate when Voltage always insult Yuta on being a comedian.
(in every story Saeki & Yuta always treated badly, ;_;
my heart broke into pieces when they play joke on Yuta's job or his jokes)
Talking about the story,
Haru's story is kind of short, ;_; or maybe it's only my imagination?
anyway, i like Haru & the story after all.
I would like to recommend Haru's & Ren's route...
... and Yuta.. lol.

Happy Playing !

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