Thursday, 1 August 2013

[update]Forbidden Love game new updates !

please brace yourself !
there are bunch of updates for today ! :3

1st update is ..
M&A is holding a special event right now.
which is kindly give us 3 stories in one time. >w<

2nd update is .. 
Mike's 4th Story is out ! :3

3rd update is the most important among all ..
*please hold your breath*
Johannes 1st story is out !!! *CHEERS*

i was really excited with the Johannes' update >w<
 i think i will update Mike's 4th walkthrough late girls.
after i finish the event, i will do Johannes' first.
perhaps i will ask my friend to do Mike's while i do Johannes' walkthrough.
and if you're willing to, please help me with the walkthrough. :3
surely it will be very helpful for all of us.
let's do this girls, i know we can do it.


  1. Hi, Azusa..... long time no see ^^

    Actually, i played both of Mike's story and Johannes's story XD

    Here some infos about both story:
    Mike 4th story
    Chapter 1 : Why not (50 LP)
    Chapter 2 : That you would think about the shop (50 LP)
    Johannes story
    Chapter 1 : Was it! (50 LP)
    Chapter 2 : I'm really surprised (30 LP)
    Chapter 3 : Sorry, i was thinking about something else (50 LP)

    i hope it can be helpfull for you. i'm sorry if i can just give one chapter's answer for each day because i don't mind to get scenario ticket normally (never purchased ticket :D)

    1. hello Riana,
      yes, long time no see. >w<

      ehh, how do you play both stories in the same time?
      ._. i don't think the i can change the story during the other's story.
      or perhaps you use 2 phones? >w<
      i'm just guessing anyway. :3

      wow, thank you very much Riana XD
      really appreciate it. >w<
      it's okay, i know how you feel.
      i also never purchased ticket. >w<
      hahahaa XD
      then i will update your answers to the walkthrough. :3
      once again thank you very much and have a nice day <3

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