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[walkthrough]Forbidden Love - Robert's Main Story

Robert's Main Story 1 Walkthrough
(Every answer below will increase your love meter by 50)

-Story 1-
Many thanks to Riana, Lettucegarden04 & Ryvallen who helped me to do the walkthrough ^^
Episode 1
You are great
Episode 2
I finished working
Episode 3
I want to help you
Episode 4
Can't I please help?
*Secret Story : 150 LP
Episode 5
It's nothing
Episode 6
Leave him
Episode 7
What are you saying
Episode 8
Thank you
Episode 9
Can I trust you? 
Episode 10
Episode 11
Thank you
Episode 12
Touch his cheek
Episode 13
Episode 14
No way
*Secret Story : 550 LP
Episode 15
I'll wait until you want to talk
Episode 16
Can I see you again?
Episode 17
I'm going shopping
Episode 18
Help me
Episode 19
Please leave
*Secret Story : 550 LP
Episode 20
I want to see your face
Episode 21
Hold his hand
Episode 22
Episode 23
 Make him upset 
Episode 24
We should merge NTB

*anyway, please help us with the walkthrough, girls. ^^
*i will keep updating this walkthrough


  1. Ooh, I have something to contribute (50 LP answers of course):

    3. I want to help you
    4. Can't I please help?
    *Secret 150 LP*
    5. It's nothing
    6. Leave him
    7. What are you saying
    8. Thank you
    9. Can I trust you?

    I cheated and bought money, so yeah, sorry about that, I got too exited... :D

    1. oh wow..
      you're so fast ! >w<
      i envy that you can spend more money ;_;
      thank you for the updates <3

    2. lol.... LettuceGarden is really so fast >w<
      May i know how much do you spend to finished 1 story line? if you don't mind of course :D

      Are you playing mike and Robert in different smartphone or not, Lettuce?
      Because i want to ask something, to Azusa too (i don't know if you had tried this).

      If i have finished Mike 4th story and i wanna change route to Robert 1st Story and play it until they released Mike 5th story. So when Mike 5th story has been released and i change route back to Mike story after finished Robert 1st story, can i just continued to next mike story or i must start from Mike 1st story again?

      Btw, can you tell me is Robert single or married in his own story line?

    3. i think it's about 15$(?) for one story.
      just how many scenarios inside 1 chapter?
      it's 5 right?
      so Mike's 4th story has at least 110 scenarios.
      it needs 1700C to buy 125 scenarios. :D
      (when it just release i remember it's only less than 500C)

      don't worry Riana.
      of course you will start from Mike's 5th story. >w<
      that's why i can play Johannes' story without worrying about Mike's story will be reset from beginning. :3

      i think Robert will be single..
      because that's what M&A sent through the email.. ._.

  2. Ooh, sorry, I had some not correct info on my deleted post, anyway, here's an update:
    11. Thank you
    12. Touch his cheek
    13.Not really (or something like that)

    I only use my iPod touch, so I spent like, $36.99 AUD to but coin pack F (it's suppose to cost $30, but my currency is Australian dollars). I bought the 1700 coins worth of scenario tickets, which gives you 125 scenarios. I therefore finished, like approx 2 stories with that money.

    Oh, don't you think that Robert's interesting? Could he be the bad guy? I'm soo exited >.<

    1. it's okay dear ^^~
      thank you very much for the walkthrough. >w<
      anyway, how's Robert's route ?
      i'm curious. >w<
      what kind of person is he? XD

    2. Wow...that much O.o

      Than in this game, i prefer used real money in another otome game such as BMP, MSB and CD to buy closet or storage :D make us be more curious now, Lettuce >.<
      tell me too, what kind of person is Robert? :3

      Thank you for Robert's walkthrough. I'm sorry i can help for this one

  3. Sorry, I gave out the wrong answer to chapter 13, I just spazzed out there for a sec, anyway here's an update:
    13. ....
    14. No way
    *Secret 550*
    15. I'll wait until you want to talk
    16. Can I see you again?
    17. I'm going shopping
    18. Help me

    @Riana: I used to play GREE games, but I got sick of them real quick, so I converted to this one. Forbidden Love is by far my most favourite iPod otome game ever, with Second Reproduction as my fave PC otome game :D (have you played this one yet?). I would spend plenty on this one lol no probs. As for Robert, he certainly is devilish isn't he?- he's not as gentle as he seems that is. Man, I should have expected that from a megane character though (did I mention I LOVE 2D MEGANES :D). So, I hope that was an okay description of him...

    1. it's okay lettuce. :)
      sorry for the late update anyway. >w<

      i see..
      i'm not really interested with his route..
      but let's try later. >w<
      thank you anyway ! :3
      anyway, i think Second Reproduction is a really good Visual Novel. :3
      it's otome game + visual novel though.
      i also really like the MC (Chris) XD
      it's recommended to play Second Reproduction Riana. :3

    2. Fiuh...i've just read this posts...

      yes you're right about megane character. Thats why i love them >w< you can't just think you know about him from his look.

      Hmmm.... Second Reproduction, i'd never played it so i'll try it now. thank for the info.

  4. Chapter 20 : I want to see your face. (50 LP)

    I got a wrong answer in chapter 19, so I don't write it here. @_@

  5. I have another update:

    19. Please leave!
    Secret Story 550LP
    20. I want to see your face @Ryvallen (thx, u beat me to the punch)
    21. Hold his hand
    22. ...Yes
    23. Make him upset (I was wtf is with the choices- seduce him lol)
    Secret Story 1000LP
    24. We should merge NTB

    1. @Ryvallen & lettuce :
      thank you gals, really. >w<
      this walkthrough won't be done this quick if there're no you guys. ;_;
      i really really appreciate it. ;_;
      thank you for your kindness to share the walkthrough for everyone.
      i love you guys <3

    2. Aww, that makes my day :D. Anyhow I just finished Robert's main story now (I thought there was more), but yeah this walkthrough should be finished yay!

    3. >w< hihi~
      oh wow..
      it's finished?
      ah yes, now wonder why it's finished..
      the last chapter is already 24. >w<
      yaaaayy~ !
      thank you very much for your hard work ! :3

  6. So the chapter counts are 24?? Thanks a lot!!! I really need a walkthrough since I dont want to waste the chances :( Thank you Lettuce!!

  7. Robert 2nd story had been released..... XD

    Chapter 1 : Move closer (50 LP)
    Chapter 2 : If it's you, Robert... (50 LP)
    Chapter 3 : Nod yes (50 LP)

    1. *Secret story (need 100 LP)
      Chapter 4 : Embrace him (50 LP)
      Chapter 5 : I'm sorry (50 LP)
      Chapter 6 : We look forward to working with you (50 LP)

    2. Chapter 7 : Embrace him (50 LP)
      *Secret story (need 300 LP)
      Chapter 8 : Y-Yes... (50LP)
      Chapter 9 : Are you alright with this? (50 LP)

    3. Chapter 10 : Kiss him (50 LP)
      Chapter 11 : Run to him (50 LP)
      Chapter 12 : Tell him (50 LP)
      *Secret story (need 480 LP)
      Chapter 13 : Help me... (50 LP)
      Chapter 14 : I'll wait for you (50 LP)

      Robert 2nd story just have 14 chapter ^^

    4. Thank you so much for this, I've been trying to find this for ages XD

  8. So the answer you post is Robert 2nd story


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