Thursday, 15 August 2013

[update]Butler Robert's Main Story is out ! (Forbidden Love)

remember Mike's butler named Robert?
Yes, this is him, Robert..
today M&A announced that his main story is out !
this is really shock me. ._.
if i'm not remember wrong, 
in Mike's story, Robert is married.
(am i remember it right?)
so, how will the main story be?
will he stay married or become single? ._.
i sense some danger here..
since the title of the game is Forbidden Love..
I'm afraid the story of Robert will be an affair with MC.
;_; i hate it..
i hope the story won't go that way..

and anyway, because me, my friend, Riana & LettuceGarden are doing Johannes & Mike's walkthrough..
i think Robert's walkthrough will come up really really late.. 
i hope you girls will help with Roberto's walkthrough..

pretty pretty please, *puppy eyes attack*

update :
i got an email from M&A,
there they explain that Robert's story will be set that if he was unmarried.
so.. i suppose there's no affair then..
it will be a forbidden love between butler & princess. :)

Last updated : 15 August


  1. Hi..hi... Azusa.
    And you're right Azusa. Robert is married in Mike's story. I hope he'is single in his route because i don't like it. Thinking the MC become his mistress and make Robert divorce his wife, it's kinda sad i think :(

    Here some answer for Robert's story
    Chapter 1 : You are great (50 LP)
    Chapter 2 : I finished working (50 LP)

    I can't wait to try his route until finishing mike or johannes's route, so i just play it in my mom's tab..... XD
    But i can't help till the end because this weekend i must back to my home stay in another town. I'm sorry o.o

    So...there are more story line in this game, n think McHenry's story is one of them, right?

    1. Rianaaa ! XD
      yes.. i also don't like. ;_;
      perhaps i will ask you about the story-line of Robert's route.
      if the story become like we guessed.
      probably i won't play it. ._.

      omg, lol.
      i hope i have someone's else phone to play with too. ;_;
      anyway, thank you so much Riana. :3
      it's okay. you already help me a lot. >w<
      hope you get safe trip to your home stay later. :)

      there's Tom's story too.
      which one is McHenry?
      is it the long hair that appear in the event? ._.

  2. OMG i'm doing Robert's story too and first i was thinking aww cute! Robert's route... He must be so sweet and maybe i can understand him better, but now ._. I think that i don't understand him at all, he is a mystery u_u and that makes me a little nervous if i can trust him completely or not?! Ugh i'm crazy for him hahaha, can i make a little spoiler here? Cof-itsurprisedmewhenifoundthatRobwasfromahealthyfamily-cof hahahahaha >w<
    Johannes in his route was so so cute too! :3 (is like Mike, but Mike is too possesive in my opinion ._. )

    Well, at least M&A confirmed you that Robert is single in his route (?) :3 coz i don't want the MC as a mistress either >_<

    I'll keep visiting you here!
    Take care Azusa!


    1. awww~ Yuu-chan >w<
      hahaha, so he's not that sweet? XD
      but you're totally fall for him. :3
      ahahaa, sure. >w<
      actually it's not really a spoiler.. or perhaps it is? XD
      ahahaha, Johannes is always cute :3
      but i like him in Mike's route the most. >w<
      Mike is possessive? oh wow, glad that he's not that possessive in Johannes route. XD

      yes, i subscribe to their email something.
      so when there's an update they'll send me an email. :3
      yeess, i know right? i also felt the same way..
      if in Robert's story he's married, i definitely won't play his route. >.<

      yeeeeyy !
      i will be waiting for you Yuu-chan ^^~
      take caree <3


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