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[AskAzu]Voltage's GREE Version Vs Paid Version Game

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Hello Neiro ^^~
firstly, i want to say i'm really really sorry for the very late reply. ;_;
i didn't check on it for quite a long time. ;_;
i'm so sorry, really T_T
and also thank you very much for your love ;_;
i'm glad that you love this blog :3

ah yes..
perhaps the rest also wondering what's the different between Voltage's GREE version and paid version.
so here is the rough brief:

GREE Version Paid Version
Payment : free (you can buy things) pay (price depends on the story)
Gameplay : love pass ( 5 each day) no love pass (no need to wait)

online game (play with friends) offline game

can edit avatar (clothes, hairstye, etc) -

can decorate house -

mission as obstacle -
Story : each characters main story* each characters main story*

each characters epilogue* each characters epilogue*

event story** special story**

- each characters sequel story

- each characters sequel epilogue
Love Rank : have -
Album : have have
Ending : Happy, Normal, Sad Happy, Normal, Sad
*noted that the story will be little bit different
**noted that there're totally different story for both

so, the conclusion is,
In paid-version you don't need to wait many days to complete one character whole story.
(for example Wilfred from Be My Princess).
when you buy the Wilfred main story it will cost around $3.00++
but you can play it until finish. (no need love pass & no mission)
if you're willing to spend money on playing game,
i just want to say.. it's better for you to play with paid-version.
(but still play the GREE version for event story)

i thought about this for a long time..
when there's an event occurs in BMP GREE version,
Voltage offer to buy a set of dress with 1000 Love Factor or even a greeting cards from princes for 300 GREE Coins, to buy 300 GREE coins we need to pay $3.00++ (if i'm not wrong).
for me, i would prefer to spend that $3.00 on paid-version (i can play Wilfred's story until finish).
but some would prefer to play GREE version because of the avatar. :3
i don't know.. for me i would like to read the whole story until finish.
i don't like to stop for many days to continue to next story because i have short term memory (you could say so) because i will forget what happened before..

I play both Paid version & GREE version.
but i stopped buy GREE coins & play the main story.
i only play GREE when they held an event.
and without using GREE coins in the event i still can finish all characters story.
but of course i can't get rank higher than 300.
i don't mind with the rank prize, i just want to read the stories. :3

i think, the plus point of GREE is first you can play it for free.
second you can decorate the avatar & house (it's cute though!)
and lastly you can play it with your friend. :3
so, if you asked me which one is better..
i still think paid-version is better, but GREE version also has their different gameplay which is interesting to play. :3
my recommendation is why don't play both? :3

and this is the game interface of GREE version & Paid version.
GREE Version :                                                       Paid Version :
                     *pic taken from Seii K video from youtube

you may go to Seii K youtube account to see first before you buy :3
here's the link of  Wilfred Main Story Chp 1
that's all, i hope this is answering your question Neiro. >w<
have a nice day. :3

anyway, i sent you an email. :)

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