Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[update]10 Days with My Devil released !

hello guys !
i'm baaackkk~
anyway, sorry for the late update.
but i enjoyed my holiday so much XD

voltage just released new game (this is paid-version) called 10 days with my devil.
(actually they released it a week ago though.. hehe..)
i checked this update during the holiday,
i was soooooo excited thinking that i can play this game once i return.
but then..
i realized it's just released on ios.
T____T why?
it's so unfair for android users.
i also want to play this game ! ;_;
please update it on android soon dear voltage. ;_;

Android download link : 10dayswithmydevil
Ios download link : 10dayswithmydevil 

Last updated 13 August


  1. i really want to buy the game but i am not sure if they accept debit card do they???

    1. hello anon ^^
      yes, they accept debit card. :)


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