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[walkthrough]Hyosuke's Main Story (Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja)

Hyosuke's Walkthrough
[S] for Sweet route [L] for Lovey Dovey route
*keep choosing [S] & [L] answers back and forth (stay on Green Line) if you want to get Love Sick and Hidden Love ending

Chapter 1
Hide behind Hyosuke? [L]
Run! [S]

Ask Hyosuke if you can travel with him [L]
Ask Hyosuke if he would take you to the nearest village [S]

Chapter 2
I'm sorry... [L]
I'm helping out [S]

Go and take a look? [S]
Don't go and take a look? [L]

Chapter 3
Try and listen [L]
Don't listen [S]

He might know something [L]
Don't let him kill [S]

Chapter 4
It's the truth [S]
It's a lie [L]

Try and talk to him [S]
Stay quite [L]

Chapter 5
Look at Hyosuke's body [S]
Cover your eyes [L]

Keep quite [L]
No, you've got it all wrong! [S]

Chapter 6
You pig! [S]
What do you think you're doing? [L]

I will protect you [S]
Don't worry [L]

Chapter 7
Speak about Lord Kagetoki [S]
Don't mention Lord Kagetoki [L]

It's still late [L]
Thank you [S]

Chapter 8
It's alright [S]
That's horrible [L]

I hate Taira [L]
I don't know [S]

Chapter 9
It's hard to relax [S]
Now's not the time to relax [L]

Stop [S]
Don't stop [L]

Chapter 10
Believe in Hyosuke [S]
Think about running away [L]

You don't know if you don't try [L]
It's not possible to do alone [S]

Chapter 11
Yes, thank you [L]
I'll be fine with Hyosuke [S]

Try to fight it [S]
Go with the flow of the water [L]

*last updated 29 July
*i will keep updating this walkthrough
*please help me to check on this walkthrough, i'm afraid i recall my answer incorrectly


  1. Thanks for uploading this walkthrough :)
    I think that game is the best game for GREE xD

    1. hello Tea-chan ^^~
      you're welcome ;)
      hehehe, i think so too. XD
      but this game is not GREE game,
      i just realize it. >w<
      they only have same system with GREE. :D

    2. I don't understand which one is the right one for Hyosuke.

    3. hello anon,
      i'm not really understand on what you're saying..
      are you saying you don't know which ending that you want to aim?
      if so, then here's the theme of each ending.
      Sweet ending : sweet & romantic ending
      Lovey Dovey ending : mature story ending
      Hidden Love ending : another ending with extra story, you can go to Hidden Love ending with 800 Friendship with your partner. :)

  2. AnimeAngel111230 July 2013 at 01:11

    Can you do Hyugas route next???
    I know hes mean, but I just really
    wanna know the best answers for his route :3
    Also, im new to this game, so are the love sick
    and hidden love endings the BEST endings or what???

    1. hello there, :)
      please refer to this post.
      thank you very much beforehand. :D
      and i don't think there is a BEST ending in this game.
      all endings has different theme,
      if you want sweet, then choose sweet.
      if you want mature, then choose secret love ending (if i'm not wrong). :D

  3. what does lovey dovey means?I keep confuse myself during the game

    1. hello anon ^^~
      in Destiny Ninja there are 4 endings that you can get. (without bad ending)
      there are sweet ending, secret love ending (lovey dovey), lovesick ending & hidden love ending. :)
      lovey dovey itself means romantic(?)

  4. love this game worth a play, if your just joining use this code to get free stuff M70ik6WcHC :)

  5. What is the best ending? I can't get my head around it... sorry to bother you!

    1. hello anon ^^~
      you're not bother me at all. :)
      and for your question there's no best ending in this game. :)
      just choose the ending based on what you prefer.
      sweet ending has romantic story.
      lovey dovey ending has mature story, rated 18+.
      and hidden ending, i'm still not sure, so i'm trying it now. :)

  6. Uhm, for the second one in chapter 10... I think something's wrong.. xD Either the colors are switched or... the letters in the ( ) are switched. Just thought I would let you know. ^^

    1. hello AlyMariexx ^^
      thank you for correcting ! >.<
      yes, i put wrong letters. T_T
      thank you very much <3

    2. So which answer for lovey and which for sweet? Lol

    3. hello anon.
      you [S] answer for sweet route, [L] answer for Lovey Dovey route.
      if you're confuse with [S] & [L]
      try to follow the color, pink color for sweet route & orange color for love dovey route.
      thank you ^^

    4. I'm sorry, I meant for the second one on Chapter 10, did you fix it up there or should I do the opposite of what it says?

    5. i already fixed it. :)
      so just follow the walkthrough. :D

  7. Hi! Thanks for this, i really need it xD, i have a question,, if i want another ending i have to play all the story again?

    1. hello anon ^^~
      you're welcome <3
      ah yes. :3
      you have to play the game all over again,
      or you also can purchase the other ending. :D
      have a good day & Happy Halloween ^^

  8. Hello! I discovered this game day ago and I like it sooo much :) I chose Benkei path, but I guess after finishing it (one day...) there is a chance to pick up another guy? However, as the story without big money goes rather slowly, I would love to ask you a question- may I? Which path do you recommend?
    Thanks a lot, have a nice day :)

    1. hello MajorMistakes! ^^~
      i'm glad that you really like the game, hihi. :3
      ah yes, you might pick another route after you finish it. :)
      yes, it is really" slow. it's even worse if you encounter the mission. >____<
      hmmm, try Yoshitsune. :D
      i never play his route, but he is everyone's favorite. kekeke~
      anyway, what type of guy do you like? :3
      i might can recommend you some route after you tell me. XD~
      you're welcome and have a nice day ! ^^~

    2. Thanks for replying! Hm, my fav type? In real or game? ;)
      I like Benkei's route, as he is sweet, protective and a bit clueless when it comes to love. I enjoy it, but next time I want to try something really different. Its funny, cause I have just started and already try to plan my next move, but it's better to ask other (more experienced) players. I wouldnt enjoy route with someone, who treats "me" wrong and is just plain rude (like star project's Ren). All suggestions are really welcome :)
      Also, thanks for this site, I think it's a great thing that people want to share their experience and thoughts with other players.

    3. hehe~ of course i will reply ^^~
      lol both. XD~ is it different anyway? >w<
      yes, Benkei's personality is like that :3 hihi~
      hmmm, i think Goyo, Sohma & Yoshitsune would never treat MC wrong.
      they're very sweet though. :3
      Goyo is sweet talker and gentleman.
      Sohma treat MC like his sister.
      and Yoshitsune is just right, haha. XD~
      for Mizuki.. hmm.. he's just a silent type, he is not rude, just quite.
      Hyosuke's route also cute. :3
      But for Enya & Hyuga.. ergh.. =____=
      they're quite rude, especially Enya. he definitely treat MC wrong. @.@

      you're most welcome! ^^~
      i'm really happy that my hard-work is helpful for everyone. <3

  9. Hello again! First- all the best in new year to you and your folks!
    I keep on playing and sadly I do my usual thing- try as many things as I can at once, which means I haven't finished any path. I really enjoy Hanzo, Benkei (his spin off was awful, but main story starts to be pretty interesting, Im SPOILER really curious how this love triangle will be handled), Hyosuke is just cute- as you said, but with a tiny twist thanks to his past, Goyo is among my fav, and I have just started playing Sohma and Enya. Im positive I will never touch Hyuga, he is so cruel in others' stories, that make wonder why would I pick him? And Yoshitsune. Not after my sweet Benkei. Neva!
    Do you recomend any spin-off? :)

    1. hello ^^~ happy new year too! :3 hehe~
      anyway, sorry for the late reply. >.<

      hahaha. XD~
      does it means you stopped in the middle and try another character? >.<
      hahaha, it's okay. :3 at least you can know which character you should carry on. :3
      yeah, Hyuga is just mean. =___= i heard Enya's route also suck.
      i'm not sure though. :D
      hahaha, really??? Benkei is more interesting than Yoshitsune?
      aww, i'm so sorry to tell you that i'm no longer playing Destiny Ninja dear :(
      so i can't give you any recommendation for spin-off, :(
      so sorry. :(

  10. Hi, why u stopped play this game ?

  11. Thank you so much for uploading this xD
    When I would choose an answer I would personally do, it would change the love meter and I would be like.. Omg nuuuu ><

    Anyway :3 I am working on a "fanfic" of sorts.. basically taking the story and fluffing out the details a bit.. because those times where it says 'a few days later' i would sit there and go.. really? -.-.. or when the text was filled with the sound instead of chat/events i was like.. urk >.< you have that whole box and you put "Bang" on it. "Throb".. really!? XD

    I'm just hoping it isnt a bad idea xD

    Hyosuke was my first choice.. his little biography caught my eye and I have become addicted to the Shall We Date? 'series' xD I would go on youtube and read the other stories like goyo, yoshitsune, and Benkei.. and now I have like 6 Shall We Date? games on my tablet >.> oh the dreariness of waiting for energy xD

  12. How do you get the hidden endings?


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