Saturday, 20 July 2013

[AskAzu]Voltage GREE Games, Taking New Route (BMP, MSB & CD)

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Hello there Riana ^^~
i'm absolutely fine here, i hope you're fine too dear ♥
to answer your question..
unfortunately yes, the Trust, Fans or Royal Factor that you gained will be reset back to 0.
but, all of it will be summed to Total Trust, Fans or Royal Factor.
So, i guess i can say that it's not totally reset.
hehehe. :D
the clothes and gacha items will stayed in your closet & storage as long as you not discard it.
be careful, once you discard it you can't restore it.
some items are still hanging in shop, but gacha & event items are not.
so you might have to think carefully before delete any items that you have.

i hope this is answering your question. :)
you're very welcome Riana,
thanks to you and other friends that the blog keep going.
without your support this blog is meaningless.
with love,

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With love, Azusa~

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