Sunday, 14 July 2013

[update]I'm back guys !

Hello guys ! I'm back  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ !
So sorry for a long break, finally i can spend my time to update the blog. :)
I will post updates for My Forged Wedding & Love Letter from Thief on another post.
(i know it's too late, but.. i still insist to post.. >w<)

anyway, i finished upload Mirai Kageyama's sequel from SITSC last week.
as what i promised, i will upload Mirai's main story. ^^~
i'm doing it right now, so please wait for it. :D

another thing, i just want to share a new anime which is otome-related (reverse harem) called Brothers Conflict.
The story is about a girl called Chii, who just moved to a new house and introduced to her new 13 brothers.
and so on.. instead i spoil it here, why don't you guys take some time to watch. :)
You can watch it here : Brothers Conflict
they just release until 2nd episode, i'm waiting for next episodes coming out. >w<

then, last last week, i stopped playing The Second Reproduction because of the busy days.
and now, i'm continuing to play the game, i haven't decide to take Lezette's or Jin's route first.
Hmm, perhaps i will go with Lezette first, because i like Jin's character. :D
i should save the best for the last. kekeke~
Hopefully i can finish soon, so i can post the my review & walkthrough here ^^~

Last update from me is i'm planning to read Otome Holic manga.
it's new manga, i haven't read it. hopefully it is nice.
here's the link to read it : Otome Holic

have a good night guys~
i miss you guys so much (๑・ω-)~♥”

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