Friday, 26 July 2013

[AskAzu]Walkthrough for Shall We Date:Destiny Ninja for GREE

Question :

Answer :
Hi Sora. ^^~
I'm doing Hyosuke's walkthrough right now,
because currently i'm playing his route and planning to finish it. 
(i never finish Ninja Love for GREE routes and ended up buying the non-GREE version)
but, i won't promise that i will do the others.
i'm so sorry, i kinda don't like Solmare's GREE system.
the reason is i don't use real money to play GREE games.. 
perhaps sometimes.. but i'm trying to stop right now
if they release the non-GREE version on android, i will gladly do the walkthrough. 
you're very welcome dear. 
thanks for your visit and see you around 

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