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[review]Scribblenauts Unlimited (PC)

Title : Scribblenauts Unlimited
Publisher : Warner Bross Interactive Entertainment
Genre : Brain and Puzzle
Platform : PC, NDS, 3DS, Wii
Released :  
[ENG;PC] 20 November 2012
Official Site : Scribblenauts Unlimited

In this game, at first you're playing as Maxwell (later, you can get the others and change the character). Maxwell's parents (Edgar and Julie) has 42 children including Maxwell and each of them has their own ability (magical power). Maxwell received a special notebook, where he can write down any objects and make it real, on the other hand Lily, his sister, received a magical globe which can be used to travel around the world. Unfortunately, these ability make them spoiled and become arrogant. So, Edgar and Julie thought of an idea to challenge their children.

One day, Maxwell met a beggar (it's Edgar), he pulled a trick and fed him a rotten apple. As a result, the beggar get mad and use his magical power to put a curse on Lily, which make her turn into a stone. Then, Maxwell knew that the only way to stop the curse was to collect Starites. It's not an easy task for Maxwell because he need help people in exchange to get the Starites, however Maxwell determined to do so to help his sister. Then, Maxwell's adventure began.

I found scribblenauts because i watched my favorite youtuber playing it. While watching him playing it, i felt that this game is very interesting. So i would like to give it a try. I would say that this game is very interactive and unique since we can create our own 'story' with the same ending. I mean, there are puzzles that need to be solved along the journey, you can solves the puzzle with different ways as long as it's related or close to the right answer. (actually there's no right answer in this game, lol i even can use nonsense answer but still right)

While i was starting to play this game, i felt it's really funny, imaginative and creative. It makes me think a lot of possible answer that i think it's kind of nonsense. But i felt kinda lost in some puzzle because i really don't know what they want, so i ended up ignore it and continue the journey. I finished this game around two or three days, not really a long time but still take a lots of time to think.

Anyway, i really like the graphic style that used in this game, it's simple but cute. I love the game play and the themes in each locations. There are many themes used, for example Christmas, Space, Historical, Sea World, Pirates, etc . I love one location which has a children storybook theme, there are some puzzle that involve Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Hansel & Gretel and Snow White. It's so cute, I'm gonna die ! lol. No, it doesn't really same with the real story because you decide what will they do after.

Besides i really appreciate the production team to make this kind of game. There must be a lot of objects that prepared inside their gallery. Imagine that you can type any object that you want, then it will summoned inside the game. You also can input an adjective into some objects. I put some adjectives to my character for fun, kekeke~ i tried to make it become invisible, ninja, ghost, zombie, aerial, etc. I also can make other character become evil, mad, sad, happy or even dead. interesting isn't it ?

Overall, what i can say is play this game and go wild with your imagination. :3 i'm hoping that you will answer nonsense like me in this game, kekeke~ Anyway, you can choose to play use mouse or keyboard, i play use keyboard because it's easier. :)

My Score  :
Story : 4/5
Graphic : 5/5
Music & Sound :4/5
Control : 5/5
Gameplay : 5/5
Overall : 4.6/5
Challenge : Medium
Completion Time : 3 days

Sneak Peek :
My TOP 3 Favorite Place
Grave Manor

Storybook Keep

Pilcrow Peaks

Puzzle Time :

This guy is a Paramedic, he need something to restart the dummy's heart. 
What do you think is the one of possible answer?
(this is one of my unsolved puzzle, lol)

please post your answer in the comment below.
i will try it and will post the possible answer here. :)

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