Wednesday, 3 July 2013

[AskAzu]Adding friends on GREE

Question :

Answer :
steps to add friend on GREE

1. Open your GREE account, it will display this image below

Click the three lines in the blue bar.

2. Then, this side options will appear

Click friends

3. There are 3 sub-menu will appear, choose Search.

Then click Search by name

4. Then it will lead you to this search menu.

Before you enter the username, there will be no other player's profile displayed.
Enter the person-who you want to add-'s username

5. Don't forget to click search icon on your qwerty keyboard, or press enter(?)

6. After you input the username, there will display number of players found.

To make sure it's your friend, put their name precisely.
It will filter to the smallest number players found.

P.S :
I don't know if you can add player who're not GREE member.
(i mean they log-in as guest, and not registered yet)
For Hikari-san's case, i think either the username is wrong..
or perhaps, your friend doesn't have GREE account.
But i tried to search username with Player0XXX,
(usually, player who log-in as guest will get name Player0XX something)
it does show on the found list.
hmmm, i think it's better to ask her username once more..

Anyway, hope this will help. ^^~
have a good day :)


  1. thanks Azusa-san, Ill try to look what's wrong first. I'll tell you later when I succeeded in this mission. >:I *salute*

    1. okay Hikari-san ^^~ ganbatte kudasai ! i'll wait for you. <3

  2. It looks like it doesn't work. Idk why, but the system doesn't want to process it.
    I try to put my friend's name but it's other people name that came out to the page.
    I think it is just impossible to add my friend.
    Maybe later I will try it again.

    But, anyway, thanks for all your help I appreciated your help. Thanks a lot! :D

    1. hmmm, then i don't know what's the problem. >w<
      i'm so sorry i couldn't help much.
      but still thank you for your appreciation Hikari-chan. :)
      please have a nice day. <3

  3. Sorry late to report. I went out of town for my university orientation. but the connection there was bad. So haven't got any to do.

    thanks again.;D

    1. it's okay. >w<
      i don't mind actually. :)
      hope you do well. >w<


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