Sunday, 30 June 2013

[extra]Utapri season 1 & 2 Soundtrack Download Link

Utapri Season 1 

Utapri Season 2

Quartet Night - Poison Kiss


  1. hi but i cant download... help me !!!!

    1. hello yuqi. :)
      is there any reason why you can't download?
      i tried, the link all is accessible.
      except the download word which is crossed or the red color.
      perhaps the download link is dead & they haven're update it. :)

  2. I don't know why I cannot access to the blog to download the soundtracks. it keeps saying that I'm not the invited reader so I can't see the contain. Please help me!!!!! This is my email:

    1. hello carole ^^~
      i think you should join as member first then you can download it. :)
      if you still can't download it, please tell me ^^
      happy new year. :)

    2. Joining as a member? you mean to log in my google account? or blogger?? (btw, happy new year)

    3. yes, :) hehe~
      hope you had a great new year ^^~

  3. Question, could you make a torrent of the music? Like of ALL of the songs? I want all of it and downloading one by one is pretty :(


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