Monday, 17 June 2013

[update]Voltage for GREE Response Regarding BMP Event & CD Event Problem

I sent a message regarding the missing Love Letter(100) in BMP 1st Anniversary Event,
and also a complain for Celebrity Darling Event rewards for 40.000 Love Point mission because i didn't get both of the rewards for first and second events in CD.
Here are their reply.. =_____=" 

This response is not helpful at all, ;_;
i know you did the best for us..
i still love you anyway, but please do the beta test first before you held the event.
and why the hell it goes to My Sweet Bodyguard Customer Support?
i sent it to Be My Princess Customer Support.

Go home Voltage, you're drunk..

Edited : 
Voltage return back my lost Love Letters(100). :)
thank you very much, XD
But i also have another issue on early completion rewards that just posted in BMP.
I finished 3 princes and i didn't get any rewards. ;_;
I will wait until i finish the 4th prince.
if i still don't get any early completion rewards, i will send complain again to Voltage.
i'm so sorry to complain a lot. >3<

Edited (18 June) :

Voltage did post that the early completion rewards will be delivered on 21 June.
My mistake to not read it. ;_;
then let's wait until 21 June. :D
good luck with the event guys~


  1. haha, i've complained to greee as well. but it's not about event.
    yes, they are drunk, how come it's MSB? buahahaha

    it's not just you who didn't get love letters, i saw someone told this too. and now get fixed it's really good.

    how come u don't get 3 prince rewards? complain again then. i got it, it's Love Letters (1,000)

    1. i feel sorry because there were lots of complain to them since CD was out. >w<
      hahaha, idk why. maybe it was the same person?

      yes, voltage gave back :)
      oh, i got that. >w<
      the rewards that i meant are the early completion rewards that they just post in the event. >w<
      i read wrong, it's my fault. >w<
      the rewards will be delivered on 21.
      for this, it's truly my fault to not read it until the last sentence. >w<

    2. i think maybe :)

      ooh, Early completion rewards right? i think This campaign is until 6/21 6:00am(UTC) not delivered?
      because prev events, if i'm not mistaken i got it after events finished. >.<

    3. lol. >w<
      i forgot how the early completion rewards works on last event.
      hopefully not after the event finish.
      i need those love letters. >w<

    4. hahaha, my bad :(
      Please note that your reward will be in your recieve box by 6/21 8:00am(UTC)

      i didn't see it on the bottom of page. u're right lol
      we can get it for events, yahooooo ^_^

  2. Please let me in too.

    But I didn't complain of BMP but rather to CD! I played the sweet memory event and I'm supposed to got a Rose Dress in my completion of 40,000+ individual love points. Yet they did not fix the problem. A couple of persons reported these problem too, yet they haven't fix them. >:((

    I installed the app by using Google Play Store, and search for the games, so I sent the report using the rate & review. So far no response at all.
    *got teary* I worked so far for that points. I was like at the phone for every possible time! Fortunely I'm on hiatus from real life for 2 months, so I raised faster, BUT REALLY, where is that dress?? I needed that dress's charm points!! TT_TT

    But strangely I had no problem so far for the BMP or MSB. It worked fine besides some small detail error and page error that hey had fixed sometime ago.

    But that points!! >__<

    1. hi Hikari ^^
      yes, lots of people complain about the same issue.
      i read Voltage's responses to someone else's complain,
      they said the rewards for 40000 LP is only counted if we had more than 40000 LP for "one character".
      they mentioned 40000LP for one character on the reply.
      but they didn't gave this information during the event.
      Another reply from Voltage with the same complain was,
      they said they were really sorry because they did mistake.
      and sent the rewards to the user who sent the complain letter.

      i think it's not really effective to complain through rate&review.
      you should send the message through GREE. :)
      yeah, ;_; we should got the rewards as the payback of our hard work. ;_;

      i used to had no problem with BMP & MSB,
      seems Voltage just not prepare enough for this 1st anniversary event.
      there are lots of things need to be fixed.
      i never had complain to BMP & MSB events until now.

    2. Yeah, I'll try that. Right now I'm quite busied by the BMP Anniversary event. +_+

      I finished the 3 princes early completion event too. The rewards told that there are 3 closet free right or is the reward on of the thing listed??
      If I haven't forgotten there are three rewards for three princes. I only got one. Is that normal? 0_____0 I get gacha points.

      Oh by the way, I haven't told you my graditute yet.
      You see, when I started the game I only got Joshua at A level but then after I use your walkthrough at the middle of my level up, it changed to S! ^0^
      So really, thanks for the walkthrough!!
      I'm totally into him so I want to get the sweet happy ending with him! ^_<
      I like his MC the most! I watched the Voltage version at Youtube and I like it so much. So bitter sweet funny cool!! I'm definitely fangirling him!
      Glenn is cute too! Though the Cinderella's shoes incident is just happening too much to my liking. But all is well I guess.

      Strangely, I don't really like the MC at Wilfred's story.. =_=
      The Wilfred itself is good but the MC character is not so appealing to me.
      I like the MC in Joshua story more!

      I had watch Roberto story too. Roberto story don't really interest me much though I think he can be very good friend to others in way he act at the other princes' stories.
      Haven't seen Keith's, cause haven't really got that much time to watch youtube AND I had to fight for the PC's handling with my older brother. Cause he wanna play Call of Duty, sniper and all..

      Not really want to watch Edward. I just don't like him that much. Neutral. Maybe cause he looks too much like a girl to me? No offense to Edward's fans out there. aybe in the future I might want to watch him, but later after Keith, maybe..

      Oh and Azusa-san! Thanks again for the other walkthrough like CD and MSB Event. They helped much!! :D

    3. yes, voltage supposed to give early completion rewards by 21 of this month.
      but apparently none of use get any.
      i don't know why, :( i contacted voltage about this issue,
      up until now they haven't reply on my email.
      let's just see what will voltage say about the early completion rewards.

      you're welcome ^^~
      but actually the main story walkthrough was not post by me.
      it was posted by someone else and i just link it to her wordpress. >w<
      i'm so glad that it help you, >w<
      if your compatible with Joshy already S,
      you will definitely get the HE, Hikari-chan. >w<
      good luck with the Enders mission anyway. :D
      lol, i haven't go through Joshy's route.
      maybe one day i will buy his route. hahaha.
      yes, Joshy's very unique in his own way. XD
      lol, totally ! Glenn is super cute !
      i can't resist him. >w<
      hahahahaha, yes. that shoes incident is a bit forced in the story.
      but i don't mind, it's sweet anyway <3
      kekeke~ i prefer MC in Keith's route.
      hahahaha, so blunt and innocent i guess. XDD

      i haven't watch almost all princes,
      i just got time & interested to Will & Glenny-poo.
      Keith will be the next candidate to date with. XD
      But as long as i play other prince's route in the event.
      i found that Roberto-Alberto is the most funniest pair. XD
      i love their joke for all event story.
      for me, Ed is a real gentleman. He's mature & sweet.
      but i don't really like that type of man, i prefer someone a bit rebellious?
      like Will, Glenn or Keith for example.
      kekeke~ XD
      Ed is like from another world, he said beautiful things like fairies, etc.
      I wonder if he see world in the same way like others. XD

      i know the feeling,
      it will be never ending if boys play Call Out Duty or DOTA. >w<

      you're most welcome Hikari-chan. >w<
      i'm glad it is helping lot of people ^^~

  3. Hi! I only recently started on BMP (GREE) and I noticed that in Receive Box, event gacha items are dated and tagged in red colour.

    Therefore, I was wondering if that would mean that we have to collect the items before the written date, and the consequences of failure to do so would mean forfeit?

    I can't frequent GREE coins purchase as I'd like to. I hope they won't do this or it'll be a major turnoff. *sigh*

    1. hello Anon,
      unfortunately i have to tell you yes,
      that's how GREE works.
      all event gacha items will have due time to collect.
      if you passed the date, the furniture in your delivery box will gone.
      that's why i always keep open spaces for event items. :)

  4. Hello! Just wondering if you have received the early completion rewards? I've finished 3 prince routes before the deadline and I've yet to receive any D:

    1. hello Anon ^^~
      apparently no, i haven't receive any early completion rewards.
      as noted from Voltage, it supposed to be sent by today. :)
      but, let's just wait for further information.
      don't worry, if we really didn't get any i will send another email to Voltage. :)
      please enjoy the event, it's L24H anyway ^^

    2. I'm new so I don't really know how it works hehe. Was hoping to rely on the love letters from the early completion rewards but... :( do update more in the future, the walkthroughs are really helpful!! ^^

    3. hehe, welcome to pixel man world~ kekeke~ >w<
      yes, same here, ;_;
      i'm just afraid that the early completion was a false update,
      because i checked the event page,
      there's no early completion rewards page anymore. ;_;
      hopefully voltage will send the rewards to us. >w<
      yes ^^~
      i will keep updating it. XD
      i'm glad you find it useful. :)
      have a nice day <3

    4. thank you hehehe. hopefully they will send it soon :( have a great day ahead too! <3

  5. Hello.

    May I know how do you complain to GREE? I need to complain as I didn't get my 40,000 love point reward from CD 2nd event too. I worked so hard for it, I even set alarm so that I wouldn't waste any energy. I was sure I passed the 40,000 lp mark halfway through the event and not like last minute.

    Btw, I have received my early completion rewards from BMP today. So maybe you could check if you got yours?

    Your walkthroughs are awesome <3 It saved me lp during BMP events, thanks!

    1. hello Anon ^^~

      please refer to this post :

      yes, i checked it & i got mine.
      thank you for reminding. ^^

      you're most welcome. >w<
      i'm glad it was a help for you. ^^


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