Thursday, 13 June 2013

[update]Thieves VS Celebs (LLFTX VS SITSC)

Good news guys !
Thieves VS Celebs special story is out. :3
This story is from Thieves side. :3
I played this yesterday, :3
it's a very nice story but still it's to short for me. ;_;
In this story everyone also hitting over the MC. 
Everytime MC moe-moe to all guy, i envy. ;_; lol

In this story, takkun is funny as hell !
He said that seeing Atsumu's beard makes him choke more. lol
And there're lots of funny scene in this story.
But in Celeb VS Thieves story, Takkun is really funny and cute too. lol
Who the hell calling the MC dumb looking girl at the first meeting? it's only takkun.
He even have a angry face competition with Ryoichi.
in the end, i still prefer the Celebs side. >w<
Why? because there's Mirai, kekeke~
although i really like Takkun & Hiro, they still can't beat my Mirai. :3

Happy playing guys~ :3

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