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[Walkthrough]Wilfred - 1st Anniversary Event (BMP for GREE)

Prince Wilfred's Walkthrough
( options that i bold is the right answer)

Special thanks to my dear friend <3

-Stage 1-
Episode 1
I was in the courtyard
I was talking with Zen
Get : 200 LF
Mission TLF : 250
Get : 200 GP
Episode 3
Mission TLF : 1500
Get : 300 GP

-Stage 2
Episode 2
Mission : Duo-Tone Lace Up Shoes (3000 Cruz)
Episode 4
Look at the Ferris wheel
Ignore the Ferris wheel
Get : 200 LF
Episode 5
Mission TLF : 3800
Get : 400 GP

-Stage 3-
Episode 3
Mission TLF : 7500
Get : 500 GP
Episode 4
I want go back
I want to stay with you
Get : 200 LF
Episode 5
Mission : Memorial Necklace & Bracelet (4500 Cruz)

-Stage 4-
Happy Ending : 8500 LF
Normal Ending : your current LF
Episode 1*Happy Ending
Be the decoy
Go around once more
Get : 200 LF
Episode 4
Mission TLF: 11500
Get : 600 GP
Get :  CG, Letter
Episode 5
Mission TLF: 16000
Get : 1000 G
*Happy Ending Completion: Letter, Sleeveless Trench Dress
Episode 1
Put her on my lap. 
Push her down...
Get : 200 LF
*Both Ending Completion: Letter, Red Doll Eyes


  1. Yay... it's Willfred walkthrough... >.<

    So, u choose Willfred too, Asano-san?
    Fortunately, i'd chose the right answer before seen this walkthrough. :3

    hmm... how'd we know that we chose the right answer? is there some clue like in the The Forbidden Love?

    1. yes ! :)
      since wilfred is my favorite prince after all. >w<
      hbu Riana? do you start with Will too? :)

      it's same like me,
      i just trust my intuition when i choose the answer :3

      if we choose the right answer it will give us 200 LF
      it goes a bit different for Forbidden Love,
      for forbidden love, if you choose the right answer, it will give 50 LP
      and the normal answer will give 30 LP. :D

    2. yes, i start with Will too..... he's my favorite prince. i love it when he wear his glasses... i love megane type >w<

      Did you played all of the games in your blog?

    3. hehe~
      happy to hear that everyone loves Will. >w<
      Kuon from Be My Princess Season 2 also looks really nice when he wear glasses. <3

      Yes, i played all games that i post in my blog. :)
      or maybe you can go to My Game List page :3

  2. aww...... there is Be My Princess Season 2 O.O

    must i finish the story in season 1 first or just can download it somewhere (play store) to play the BMP season 2?

    hmmm....maybe (or i'm sure ) i tried to play some game at your game list page :3

    1. yes :3
      unfortunately, BMP season 2 is just available in Japanese. :(
      i'm also waiting for it to be released in English,
      but it's the non-gree version. :)
      so you need to purchase it to play. :D

      feel free to talk to me about any game, :3

    2. oh no, i selected look at ferris. OMG, i forgot to see ur blog :(
      but 1st thing is correct. huaaaaaaaaa. no no, 200 LF

    3. >w< aaaaaa, such a waste ;_;
      but it's 24 LH Melisa ! it's okay ! :3
      anyway, good luck with the event, >w<

    4. same with me..... i chose look at ferris :(

      btw, in your other post, you said that BMP can be played in PC. so i tried. but it just sent me the link for download, buat always redirrect to the same page without any option for downloading or playing the game.

      could it still be played at PC?

    5. >w< it's okay Riana :)
      it's 24 LH time, so you get more LF so you can proceed faster. >w<

      yes, it's not only pc actually, you also can play it on your phone use browser.
      this is the link for BMP.
      i wonder why it sent you link to download. :|
      try open the link first. :)

    6. how about ninja? we can't play ninja with link? cause ninja doesn't compatible on my phone :(

      i thought that look at the ferris will be the good answer because it will help will to know what MC want :(

      yes, could u help me being my mates? hehehe

    7. do you mean Ninja Love?
      unfortunately nope,
      Ninja Love is from different company. :D
      i feel sorry to hear that. :(
      but i really hate GREE version of Ninja Love,
      they have same story with the paid version. >w<
      the thing is GREE version is more advance with the spin off story.

      i also thought the same at first,
      but i thought it maybe rude if keep staring at the Ferris wheel because the MC itself doesn't want Will to know what she really want to do. So, i choose her to enjoy the moment. :3

      sure ^^~
      you're already in my mate :3

    8. hehe, i just know this :)
      i play with Will again. hahaha

      yes Ninja love. ic ic. oh it's kind of cheating lol

      yes >.<

      TYVM Azusa 。◕‿◕。

    9. you're most welcome Melisa-chan <3
      yes, that's why i purchased the non-GREE version instead. :3
      enjoy your anniversary with Will <3

  3. Which prince after Will ? :)

    1. hi anon ^^~
      i finished Will's happy ending route and now playing Glenn's route. :3

    2. OMG, the story is really cute. Prince Wilfred, I Love You ^_^

    3. yes it's >////<
      i'm in love with Will in this event. :3

  4. Thanks for including this walkthrough for Will. I'm doing Joshua now but I like Will's route completion items better so this will come in handy. So far for Joshua I have:

    Stage 1:
    Remain silent (good answer)
    Don't know how to answer

    Stage 2 (or 3?):
    Send text message (good answer)
    Don't send text message

    Unfortunately that's all I've got so far because playing this game without spending money takes so darn long.

    1. good afternoon Anon ^^~
      you're very welcome, :3
      ah thank you very much for your help <3
      do you mind to give your name or your googleplus link?
      so i can put my thanks to you in the post :3

      yes, i also not spending money on this >w<
      but good luck with the event !
      it's still L24H time :3

  5. NE
    Put her on my lap. (Good Answer)
    Push her down...

    1. thank you so much Melisa, <3
      anyway, all NE answers are so obvious. XD

    2. yes i think so <3
      btw, it's ok not to put my name Azusa. it's ur blog ^^

    3. I don't mind to put your name Melisa,
      you helped this blog a lot.
      I just post the answers on your behalf,
      so it's fair to put your name in the blog. ^^~
      I did the same for the rest who helped this blog too <3
      or maybe you don't want to? ;_;

    4. it's not like i don't want to but i feel respect u if u don't put my name on it. hehe :)

    5. i really don't mind Melisa ^^~
      don't worry about it. :)

    6. ok then Azusa, hahaha >.<


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