Wednesday, 24 July 2013

[update]Shall we date: Destiny Ninja released !

Greetings ! NTT Solmare just release another GREE game!
it's available for both Ios and Android
the title it Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja !

there are 8 bachelors for this game 
here they are :
(i choose Hyosuke to play with)

here's my ID, 
feel free to use my invite ID.
anyway, if you use my invite ID, both of us will get items. ^^

anyway, please use my friend's invite ID instead of mine. :)
(because i will stop playing Destiny Ninja)
here's her Invite Code.


please help me guys ^^~

happy playing !


  1. Hi asuza chan! Long time no see^^ Thanks for the info ;3 and i just added your ID! Lets see how good this ninjas are! (>w<)

    1. hello Miaru-chan ! ^^
      it's been a long time >w<
      thank you very much XD
      yes ! :3
      i think the story is shorter. >w<
      but so far the ninjas are cool. :3
      happy playing ! XD

  2. Ehm... I love the game too!! But... how exactly do you invite others?? ^^"

    1. hello Anon ^^
      glad to hear that many people love this game. >w<
      actually, we as the inviter can't send an email or else to invite other player.
      i think the best way to invite others is post it on social media like blog, tumblr, facebook and etc. :)
      and while inviting them, might be as well include your ID.
      perhaps they will input your ID as the inviter & Solmare will give you a gifts as the inviter. :)

  3. how to invite friends for us to win those certain prices?? i really dont know how. theres no tab or something to click to invite friends. i dont even know where to put those ID also. pls help. (i just cant wait for the next story and i already run out of energy. :(. i badly need those camellia cakes?) wuhuhu

    1. hello anon ^^
      i'm very sorry before for the really late reply. ;_;
      i didn't see your comment. ;_;

      for the ID invitation, you're not the one who put the ID, your friend will be the one who put your ID. :)
      and, you can put the ID just right after the tutorial finished.
      it's exactly as the time when you get your ID.
      anyway, i'm deeply sorry for the really late reply. T_T

  4. uhm, i played this just recently and i was wondering if i can enter the invitation ID after i play for a while.i didn't notice this until now and is there a way i can input the ID now ?

    1. hello baby master ^^
      i'm very sorry before for the really late reply. ;_;
      i didn't see your comment. ;_;

      if you're already passed the tutorial, you can't input the ID.
      the input ID only can be done just right after you finished the tutorial.
      it's exactly same time when you get your ID.
      anyway, once again i'm deeply sorry for the very late reply. T_T

  5. Hello! I Just wanna ask! I just got caught up in a checkpoint of a ninja task! -_- and it is sooo freaking annoying! I have to buy an arrow or a bow to get a percentage of success! and the problem is i don't have coins to buy it. How to get it exactly? Thanks!

    1. Hello Sicachu Jung ^^~
      ah yes, i feel you. =____=
      indeed, the checkpoint is really annoying. =____=
      you can get it from completing mission, ask friends to use your invite ID.
      else, you can't get it instead you purchase it with coins. :(

  6. hi ^^, well how do we invite friends, i can't find that page again !! :(

    1. basically you just have to post your ID number and ask your friend to enter it when they just start playing the game. :D


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