Saturday, 2 November 2013

[update]Voltage's Library November Updates!

yeeeyy~~ finally ichi's route. :3
i'm also anticipating Demon House Party & A Dangerous Fall. :3


  1. Ichyyyyy!!
    Even though I wanna do him last know he is the 'true love route' xD
    I am waiting for Tak and Richy...Tak because he is always so quite I wanna know more about him. And Richy because he is a lil...whiny and feminine xD but I bet he has a really manly site to him *3*

    1. yes!! XDD~
      i know that, that's why i want him first. :3
      hohoho~ XDD~
      lol, same here. XDD~
      i also waiting for these 3. XDDD~
      hihi~ please voltage just release Ichi's route faster. XDDDD~

  2. Nahh Ill do him last
    I always want the true love last
    Thats why I'll do Enya in DN last, Russel in PIL etc etc
    I also have seduced in the sleepless city (doing Mirai atm) and forged wedding..can't decide who to do first xD

    1. lol, XD i see XD~
      but Ichi's route looks like interesting,
      so i will do him first. XDDDD lol~
      kekeke~ you're such a romantic person. :3 hihihi~
      yeeeyy Mirai, XDDD~ ahaha, he's my boy. XD~
      for forged wedding..
      Yamato's route is cute, but i don't like the MC
      Ren's route is super cute, he's like a cat-person. :3 hihi~ and i love the MC from Ren's route.
      Saeki's route is pervert as always but also funny.
      Yuta's route is emotional, too much tears spent. :(
      Haru's route is funny as well yet it's cute. :3
      Takao, Kuni and another guy with glasses idk. >w<
      ahaha. XD~ up until now i don't have favorite guy from MFW.

  3. oh and Love Letter from Thief X ofc!!! x3
    You know who Ill do first >D

    1. ahahaha. XDDD Good!
      we're same then! i also love LLFTX. XDD~
      engg.. Takkun? XDD~
      am i right?

  4. Yes!! Takkun is the best xDD
    He was so awesome!!!
    omg omg!

    1. ahahaha. XDD~
      Ikr! XD~
      takkun also my favorite. XD~ hihi :3
      hopefully their proposal route is coming. XDD~


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