Saturday, 23 November 2013

[update]Class Trip Rush was out!

Who're excited with this sweet high-school trip story? :3

at the moment they're giving 1st chapter of each of them for free. 
guess i anticipate Kanji's route. hehe~

and gals, please help me enter my code for the campaign. ^^~
i will post the images i get in this blog like previous Kiss of Revenge's campaign.


  1. Yasuto! Definately just because he seems so shy xD
    After that I am waiting for the quite rude Top A student xD

    1. ahahaha. XDD~ i'll go for Kanji then~ hihi :3
      i'm quite interested with him too, he likes to read gay books though. lol. XDD *jk*
      please tell me if yasuto's route interesting. XDD


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