Wednesday, 13 November 2013

[update]Ichigo's route was out!!

Big news gals~~~!!
Ichi's route was out in both Ios & Android!
*scream* LOL.

Photo: Ichigo's out for iOS and Android!!

We also released his Main Story, Epilogue and Sequel today!

Ichigo "Do you remember our promise?"

Fall again for your old crush!

Check out the clip here:

Now Available:
Haruki, Ryuzo and Ichigo's Main Story, Epilogue and Sequel!

Coming soon:
Takeshi's Main Story, Epilogue and Sequel!

◆Dreamy Days in West Tokyo for iOS◆

◆Dreamy Days in West Tokyo for Android◆

i just got back and hear this news..
now all my tired is gone XD~
should i just leave my works and play his route? >w<
why you come out during the busiest time Ichi?! T______T

lol, don't mind me gals~
happy loving with Ichi~


  1. I decided to choose Ichigo!~ *^*

    1. hihi~ glad we love same guy! XDDD~ hihihi~
      you should choose the others too :3

  2. Meee I want Tak! And Richy!
    Ichigo comes last xD


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