Friday, 1 November 2013

[AskAzu] Sherry : Halloween Event Progression (BMP for GREE)

Letter :
This letter was sent 28 October

Reply :

Hello Sherry ^^~
you're most welcome :)
i actually have to thanks all of my friends who helped me with the walkthroughs. :)
glad that you found it helpful ^^~

and this is things that i usually do during event:
Tips for event

honestly, i didn't progress well in this event.
because i usually depends on normal event gacha for the love letter & energy meals.
so, during this event what i do is buy energy meals from the shop with Cruz.
and use it during L24H.
if you're running out your Cruz, spin main story gacha & sell the extra items from the collection sheet. :)
and also don't forget that you need to have event mates with high LF,
because my friend told me that the TLF mission for this event is little bit crazy~
and one more thing, they held another L24H for several days. :3
so good luck for the event ^^~



  1. I didnt expect much in this event. i will be glad if only i could get all happy ending and the event photos of my princes. Because it is so difficult!!! I agree with you too, Azu-chan. I usually depends on normal event gacha for love letters and meals. But now, i dont even sure if i could get all happy ending. (T.T)

    1. hehehe, looks like we're in the same boat Nurul-san. :D
      yes, >w< they took out the crucial part of my event plan. T___T
      i also progress really slow this event.
      but still, good luck Nurul-san ^^~
      still have 3 days for L24H. :D
      try your best to finish all of it. ^^


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