Friday, 20 September 2013

[update]New Dating Sims Game by アリスマティック a.k.a Arithmetic

Hello gals~
big news !
i was strolling at google play, and i found another dating sims games. :3
these game just release their english version today.
(according to their website)
here is the first one.

Contract Marriage【Dating sim】 - screenshot
My Contract Marriage
and here's the google play link : MCM
please use my invite code : imwUhN
so both of us will get 100 platinum ^^~

and, another dating sims game..
actually it's BL game..
it's not otome game..
so yeah, if you're still interested here's the spoiler.
and please make sure you're +17 yet.. :D

i haven't try these games,
because i'm busy playing BMP event right now. :3
but still, happy playing guys !
Note :
(21 Sept)
i tried both.
so, i decided i will play My Contract Wedding.
and leave out Vampire Darling..
actually, the guy in VD is quite interesting.
i'm not really interested in BL.
so.. i'm dropping VD.


  1. I have downloaded both games, just waiting for the walkthroughs (:

    1. i'm planning to post the walkthrough of My Contract Wedding.
      but somehow i'm just kinda figuring out the game. lol.


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