Friday, 20 September 2013

[update]New character will be out on October ! (Forbidden Love)

another route will be release next month gals!
yes, this is him.
so apparently he is Mike's younger brother. :3

what is his name? ._.
i can't find it in forbidden love website.
anyway, let's wait for his route patiently gals. :3

Image Source: Forbidden Love


  1. His Japanese name is Ryouskue Sonobe I think. I wish they kept their Japanese names, it would make more sense to me then. So it's him next huh? I want the Tom route already, I know he's an ass, but still, he seems interesting...

    1. his japanese name is Ryouskue?
      do you mean Ryousuke? ._.

      i don't think they keep will the japanese name..
      like the other characters, they changed the name.
      eh? you're interested in Tom? @.@
      i don't like him at all. lol.

    2. Sorry for the late btw. Yeah, I'm weird, sorry :D. They have a Japanese version of this game and it has their Japanese names, like..err I forgot their Japanese names oops. Okay, I got his name: M, m, Mathew Jones!

      Whoopie, oh joy... oh well, I almost finished Johannes 2nd story anyway and I'm not even bothering playing the 5th story because I heard some frustrating events that happened there, so I'm not even going to go there unless there aren't any other dudes to date. He's next on my list Mr Matthew.

    3. it's okay ^^~
      i hope you're doing great :)
      lol, XD not really actually.
      i believe that everyone has good side.
      maybe i just don't know Tom well. :3

      oh really?
      his japanese name is Mathew?
      so that means the developer use the same name for english version. >w<
      they said his name is also Mathew. XD~

      Mathew also on my list, XDDD~
      i'm so excited to play his route, :3
      hopefully his story nice, XD~
      happy dating with Johannes ♥

    4. Oops, I mean his English name is Matthew, his Japanese name is Ryouske. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am also exited for Matt, ooh, and I am indeed enjoying Johannes :D. How about you, who are you indulging at at the moment?

    5. ahaha. XD
      it's okay ^^~
      awww~ glad that you like Johannes' route. XD~
      i'm planning to go for Matthew. :)
      today his route already out, but i don't think i have time to play. ;_;
      anyway, happy playing! :3

  2. Kuso!!!

    why it's so soon...... i haven't finished Mike 5th story, Johannes 2nd story and McHenry 1st story yet....and now they released new character T^T

    I don't know that i must be happy or crying =w=
    But, i hope he's a interesting character... hmmm...let's see how delinquent he is.. :3

    1. i know right..
      they're just keep updating..
      it's just too much. ;_;
      i guess they purposely do so..
      let's cry together *hugs* lol

      yes !
      i also hope his story interesting ! XD
      let's see, kekeke~


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