Thursday, 11 April 2013

[update]A Knight's Devotion and Forbidden Love Released ! (iPhone/Android)

A Knight's Devition is a new otome game byVoltage Inc just released by today !
like the other Voltage Inc. games, 
the prolog is free, but you need to purchase each character for $3.99 for 16 episodes.
download : iphone | android

The story of this new game is about you, who're live in the countryside in the Middle Ages.
One day, you're attacked by some group of people and five royal knights come to save you.
They addressed you as the princess, that is you, a princess of a royal family.
Then, one of the knight will protect you along your journey.
(currently it's only 3 characters playable)

Another otome game, Forbidden Love also coming out by today,
actually it's released in Japanese before, and today M&A Online released the English version !
I guess the game play is a bit similar to GREE games.
It's free, but in the same time you can buy coins for the items as well.
download: iphone | android 
(not release yet on iphone)

The story of Forbidden Love is about you who're brought into the multi-millionaire family by your mother.
Apparently it's your mother's ex-husband, so it's also can be said as your step-father.
You're a child from your mother from the previous marriage.
In the same time, your step-father also has a son from the previous marriage, simply said both of you become a sibling.
But, one day the big problem happen when your brother tell you that he never thought of you as his younger sister, then your forbidden love with your brother started.


  1. I love these Games!! I wish these games were available for download on PC as a complete game! It’s so hard to find games like these in English and playing as a woman. Most anime dating sims you play as a guy who is going after women. I will admit I would like a little bit more adult theme to them but even without I truth enjoy playing! I would buy the complete game for PC in a hart beat! Thank for an amazing game gear to women!!

    1. unfortunately, these game is not available (yet) on pc. >.<
      but you can play voltage GREE games on PC.
      here're the link Be My Princess( My Sweet Bodyguard ( Celebrity Darling (
      I tried all of them, but i only can access Be My Princess. :)
      why don't you try it? :D hopefully you can join us to play ^^~


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