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[review]Starry Sky in Spring (PC)

Title : Starry Sky in Spring
Publisher : Honeybee
Genre : Otome, Dating Sim
Platform : PC, PSP
Released :  
[JPN] 27 March 2009
[ENG] 03 December 2010 (Unofficial)
Official Site : Honeybee | SSiS

"A story, we meet one day in spring, and fall in love in spring breeze"
-Memories, which is pilling like falling cherry petals, fill up our heart with warmer feeling than the spring sunlight-

It's a story about the main character, you, who are studying at Seigetsu Academy. Your childhood friends, Kanata and Suzuya, also studying at Seigetsu Academy because all of you love to see stars since you were kid. Although Seigetsu Academy is a full boy school and you're the only girl, but you're not afraid since Kanata & Suzuya always be with you to protect you. One day, there is a student transferred into the academy, it's a bit weird since it's almost the end of the semester. Apparently the transfer student is one of your childhood friend also, Yoh.

Since Yoh come, you will experience new things. Yoh will come into your friendship and it will annoy Kanata because usually it's only three of you do anything together, but in the same time Yoh also feel left out because he thinks that he couldn't go inside the circle. Then, Suzuya also a little bit agitated because Yoh is always blunt about his feeling towards you, but he only can keep silent and hold back. Not only Suzuya, Kanata also feel the same thing but Kanata has his own way to express his feeling, usually Kanata will bluntly showing his jealousy.

Now, it's your choice to have a ending with one of your childhood friend. Help them free from their unease feeling and know them more. Love is blooming in spring.

Review :
I played this game quite a long time ago, it's around early of last year. I was really excited about this game because the graphic is so nice and i really love their story-theme, it's about a star, horoscope, astronomy, etc. Then, i had a chance to play this game, what could i say is i adore this game.

For the story-line, i think it's just a story about love in high school, which is warm and light. The story is more to the friendship and how the main character help the boys from their problem. I think it also teach us about what's the real friend are. Another thing that i love from Starry Ski in Spring is there are character voices, i really love game with voices because it makes the story more lively and interesting, moreover the voice are in japanese. Anyway, i love Yoh's CV, it makes me melt every time i hear his voice. And I also love their background music, it's very lovely. Not only that, it also has sound effects.

Like the other PC visual or otome game, Starry Sky in Spring also provide skip, auto and save buttons. They also gives shortcut, it's really convenient although i never use the shortcut. More importantly, they also provide auto save, it will automatically save before you choose the answer. It's really convenient ! About the ending, i think the answer are quite obvious, i mean it's a simple options that you may know which one is the right one in one second. I think so..  If i have to put these three characters in my life, i will choose Yoh as my boyfriend, Suzuya as my brother and Kanata as my best friend. hahaha, actually i really like Suzuya, but he always give the feeling to protect like a brother, so i go for Yoh instead. XD~

Overall, i really love this game, i mean everything in this game. I suggest to play all the characters, because all of them has their own uniqueness and story. I'm never get bored to play this game. Anyway, i'm waiting for the rest of english patch of Starry Sky series (Summer, Autumn and Winter) and their After Story plus their sequel. I heard there're a translation group who're working on Starry Sky in Summer or Autumn, and currently they're searching for the translator. *sigh* now i really feel that i'm stupid for not studying Japanese seriously.

My Score  :
Story : 5/5
Graphic :5/5
Music & Sound :5/5
Control : 5/5
Gameplay :5/5
Overall : 5/5
Challenge : Easy
Completion Time : <48 hours


Name : Yoh Tomoe
School Year : 2nd Grade
Subject : Astronomy
Blood Type : O
Birthday : 12th January
Constellation : Capricorn
Height : 175cm
Weight : 58kg
CV : Hikaru Midorikawa

Personality :
Straight-forward, Honest, Charming, Tough, Quiet, Loving, Expressionless, Reserved, Aloof.

Fact :
Yo is a transfer student from France, who came to Japan to meet you. You and Yo are a childhood friend.
Yo always seen as a feminine guy, but actually he is strong.
Yo is a straight forward person, he even says that he like you bluntly.
Yo has a special nickname, Hitsuji, by you.

Name : Kanata Nanami
School Year : 2nd Grade
Subject : Astronomy
Blood Type : B
Birthday : 18th March
Constellation : Pisces
Height : 175cm
Weight : 55kg
CV : Tomokazu Sugita

Personality :
Cheerful, Bright, Considerate, Blunt, Silly, Careless, Kind, Friendly, Easy-going, Quick-tempered.

Fact :
Kanata is also one of your childhood friend. Three of you, Kanata and Suzuya always together since you were a child.
Three of you always come to the same school and even in this Seigatsu Gakuen, they're there to protect you.
Kanata has a health problem since he was a young age but he always showing his cheerful side.
Kanata always protecting you with his own way.


Name : Suzuya Tohzuki
School Year : 2nd Grade
Subject : Astronomy
Blood Type : A
Birthday : 1st July
Constellation : Cancer
Height : 179cm
Weight : 59kg
CV : Daisuke Ono

Kind, Brotherly, Calm, Peace-maker, Gentle, Patient, Reliable, Warm, Sincere, Worrier, Secretive.

Fact :
As i mentioned before, Suzuya is also your childhood friend. He always take care of both of you and Kanata since long time ago.
Suzuya love to cook to see the loved one happy while eating his food.
Suzuya doesn't really show about his feeling.
Suzuya also called okaa-san(mom) by his two childhood friends.


*i will update their walkthrough


  1. is it free and where can i download it

    1. hi cathy ^^
      errr, actually it's not free.
      some people upload the game and share it for free,
      there are lots of website share this game,
      perhaps you can try this website.
      and browse the otome game.
      and don't forget you will need the english patch, so the language will changed to english. :3

  2. Replies
    1. hello Yamashita-san,
      sure, i'll be happy if you share this post. :)
      just please make sure to credit it back to this blog, or put my name under source. :)
      thank you very much ^^~


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