Tuesday, 9 April 2013

[update]Cherry Blossom Viewing Event (BMP for GREE)

For those who're excited for the coming spring
Voltage has prepared something more special to celebrate spring !
Now, Cherry Blossom Viewing Party Event has started !
Event Date :
9 April - 23 April, 08.00am (UTC)
(wow, it's quite a long event)
Then, let's do Hanami with the Princes !

So, for this hanami event.
Voltage prepared a lot.
Check this out guys !

1. Hanami with the princes
You will have to choose a prince to go hanami with.
Here're the princes
 But, something is different with this hanami event..
Hmm.. What's the different ??
Here are the different..

2. Completion Items
Do you spot something different?
Yes, there are 2 completion items for each route.
So, you can choose butler's route for the normal ending for each princes.
Voltage really listening to us well,
(but i want Zain ! lol)
So if you collect all the happy ending completion items,
here is the preview..

3. Other Bonus
Besides you can play butlers' route.
Voltage also prepare one more..
It's the story completion bonus !
First, it's the early completion bonus.
If you manage to complete less than or equal to three princes before
15 April, 08.00am (UTC)
you will get these
and if you manage to complete all princes' route,
you will get these
Wow, amazing voltage is amazing !
They really give it all.
I love you, Voltage !
and last but not least is of course,
limited edition furniture gacha on spring theme !

4. Cherry Gacha
Like usual, it needs 500 GP to spin the gacha,
But voltage always give free spin for the first time.
And these is the completion sheet.
(Actually i don't really care about the furniture,
i just want to get the love factor, full course meal or storage space.
It's because i don't have a storage left to keep the furniture T-T )

Let's celebrate spring with hanami event guys ! ^^
Add me as your event mate because i'm sure i will keep playing the event until the last minute.
It's so bad that voltage doesn't have id number,
but if you see my name, Azusa.
just add me, it might be me ^^
(since lots people using the same name)
Happy Spring~

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