Monday, 22 April 2013

[update]Field Day Event (MSB for GREE)

Now entire bodyguards and police are busy with the Field Trip Event.
You also participate into the match with your bodyguard.
The event starts :
Red Team : 18 April - 25 April 
White Team : 26 April - 7 May 9 May
Psst ! seems the bodyguards are separated into 2 teams !

1. Red Team and White Team
Since the bodyguards are separated into 2 teams,
Voltage put these two teams stories into different time.
the first event is for Red Team which will be end until 25 April.
After that, it's White Group turn.
Which team will you support?

2. Rewards
There are many rewards for this event,
first is individual bodyguard's reward after you complete his secret happy ending.
Red Team
White Team
second, after you finish their secret happy ending,
you can play the story again but the difference is..
the story is from his POV, yeah, from the bodyguard's POV.
then, if you finish all their POV stories,
you will get a preview for the next event.
Not only that, you will also get a mini epilogue if you finish their story.
Next is the hidden route,
i still don't know what's this hidden route about.
The last is ranking rewards,
Red Team
White Team

3. Gacha
They also separate the gacha between Red team and White team.
Why? Because they put a match between the gacha.
Red Team Gacha
White Team Gacha
Regarding the match between two teams gacha,
it's about the team gacha that you spin the most is the winner.
But remember, in total for these two team, you have to spin at least 20 times.
For example, you spin Red team gacha 15 times and white team gacha 5 times.
Then the winner is red team.
and you also will get a reward from the team that you support. :)
I think i need to buy storage, T^T

Happy playing guys~
I feel voltage launched too many events..
i was focused on BMP's event so i abandoned MSB's event..
Now i regret after realize it will end on 25. Q.Q

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